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God's Exsistance.
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Why suffering in Life? 7 years 9 months ago #1924

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If God is a loving person, then why we should be send to earth and suffer. It does not make sense

You are right, with all religious models this is a contradicting aspect which makes no sense. Modern science also has does not make complete sense when it says that everything came out of nothing spontaneously and we evolved to humans without any clue. This makes no sense either.

First we have to do a out of box thinking and then see if that makes sense with the reality of life.

1. There is no God as a person.,.. it is only created to make us understand of the abstract "Divinity or an Energy". Let us call this Divinity as Consciousness, which means it has no form or figure. How can it be?. well we also are in that state in our deep sleep, where we have no identity. when we wake up we have an identity, a name and form.

2. We can use the analogy of Ocean for divinity and we come out of it as a water drop. Then we went up and fell as a rain drop on a mountain top and started flowing as a water fall rolling over stones......hardships.....now we realize that we need to be ocean again and avoid this. Then only way is to join with other water drops and streams and then be a river and end up in an ocean. This analogy answers about divinity, God, soul and salvation.

you can ask questions regarding the sensibility or logics.....

This is also posted in this forum also .

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Why suffering in Life? 7 years 9 months ago #1925

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Why is somebody born with a silver spoon in mouth. Why does a baby suffer from cancer?. God causing this does not make sense. So why is everybody born and lives different. Who creates this difference?
Yes both religions and Science fail to give an answer. Very easy to understand this concept if we connect to our budgeting in life.

Two individuals might have the same salary, but one might spend it for watching too many movie and would not pay for insurance. While the other spend on insurance and going to different resturants. When both of them fall sick, the second guy can afford to get a good medical treatment, while the former doesnt.
Now the former understand he has to spend on insurance. But he has to wait for the next pay check for the work he has done.

The above is an analogy to understand how we budget our life-luck energy. . Any type of prosperity whether money, family, relationships, mental courage, intelligence are all forms of Energy.

so when we are born we have already budgeted the energy. What we are short of , we suffer. We enjoy when we have the surplus energy as sliver spoon in mouth. This continues life after life. when a child is born with less budgeted energy for health , then suffers from a disease. This applies for all wealth at all times. Death is end of an energy-financial year. Rebirth is the new Energy-financial year.

Does this makes sense?. Any more explanations needed?.

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