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How to prepare kurukku for infants? 11 years 1 week ago #1175

How to prepare different types of kurukku for infants of 6 months old as their first solid(or semi-solid) food? Kurukku using Raagi, Plantain etc.

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How to prepare kurukku for infants? 11 years 1 week ago #1177

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First important suggestion is to try all new foods in the morning or afternoon time, never try for infants in the evening because, if the food did not suit the baby, the baby will be cranky in the night disturbing your sleep. So never try any new food in the evening.

Ragi is excellent source of easily absorbable calcium and so strengthen the bones. Try maximum to give breast milk and if for any reason milk is insufficient you can give ragi or cooked plantain or rice and dal.

Some children if weaned off milk and get used to bottle milk or solid food may become fussy eaters, because they hard wire in the brain the experience of getting food in an easy way.

Preparation of Ragi:

In a pan add one table spoon of Ragi powder (home ground ragi powder best) and mix with half a glass of water. Mix well without any clumps. Then keep it on stove, and keep stirring to avoid clumps. Then it starts to boil within 3 to 5 minutes. When well boiled for another 2 to 3 minutes, remove from fire and allow to cool.

When it is luke warm feed the baby.

Try not to add sugar because baby's then hard wire in the brain that sweet is a must in foods they eat.

If you feel your baby needs taste, then in the worst case add little unrefined sugar. Best is palm sugar or brown sugar. Make as much as mild sweetness possible.

Best way to give taste and nourishment is to soak 3 to 5 almonds in water for a few hours or over night. Then remove the skin and grind in a blender with a little water. Add the almond water to Ragi powder and cook instead of plain water. This give a natural taste for the baby to enjoy the food. It is a good source of protein and several vitamins.

Some mothers tend to remove the fiber in the ragi, by filtering the ragi mixed with water or almond water with a cheese cloth or a clean white cloth to remove coarse particles.

May be you could do this for the first few days and then slowly avoid that step.

Cooking Plantain:

Ripe cooking bananas are excellent food for babies. We can dry bananas in sun adn then powder it and then use like the ragi powder above.

Or you can get fresh ripe cooking bananas and steam or pressure cook it. Remove the skin and the center hard seed portion (black seeds). Then in a blender or with hand nicely grind and make it soft. Baby's love this food.

Always give small amounts any food you try. Then in a few days if you feel the baby is fine then gradually increase the amounts.

Babies are different. Some babies will not like a food first time. Then try it for couple of more times after a gap of 3 to 4 days. Then what they refused may become a favorite later.

Click here for more information about baby weaning foods .

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How to prepare kurukku for infants? 11 years 1 week ago #1185

This info is very much sufficient and is very detailed.
The suggestion to try this morning\afternoon is very helpful - never thought about that. We will follow this suggestion :-).

Thank you very much.

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