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Baby massage- learn from rat massage 7 years 11 months ago #1953

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What can you learn from massaging baby rats? Answer: how to improve the health outcome for premature human babies. Research on the topic by Duke University neuroscientist Saul Schanberg and his team just received a Golden Goose Award .

These awards are given by a consortium of scientific societies and nonprofit institutes to honor scientists whose taxpayer-funded research may not have seemed significant at the time it was carried out but resulted in a significant societal benefit. The award is a countermeasure to the Golden Fleece Award, given to call out wasteful federal spending.

In 1979, Schanberg and his group were studying an enzyme and a growth hormone that are biomarkers for fetal and newborn development. They had to separate rat babies from their moms and in doing so found that, although the babies were kept fed and warm, they did not thrive and the biomarker levels dropped.

To make a long story short, they noticed that rat moms spend a great deal of time grooming and licking their newborns. Wondering if the tactile attention was important, they started using a small brush to stroke the separated babies. That was the missing link—the enzyme and hormone levels rose and the kids turned out okay.

In the 1980s, neonatal specialists read about Schanberg’s work and started trying it with premature infants, with good effect. Today, massaging premature infants is becoming common practice.

For decades in our web site we have been suggesting the benefits of oil massage to babies. Do not use commercial baby oils made out of mineral oil (you can applying petrol on them). Use sesame oil or coconut oil and do massage for good growth and immunity and good emotional maturity. we have seen babies who received massage in young had good emotional maturity later. Do not say that is the only reason, but that make a big difference.

Click our site link for more details .

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