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Immune and Health Boosters 6 years 11 months ago #1947

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I came across a product by the name Immunoxxxxxx which claims to increase the
Cytozzzzzzz modulating formula in the body which in turn will increase the immunity.

Inflammatory modulating formula has been claim as anti-aging formula which is widely been used worldwide. What is you opinion about these product?

These products do have some benefits, but immunity and ageing is influenced by many factors.

If body's immunity is compared to a country's defense system, you will understand that there are several factors which strengthens the defense system. For example, just strengthening the navy force alone cannot guarantee defense power of a country. There is a strong vigilance which keeps monitoring even phone and email communications and look for suspectable code words. Then another group of officers which trace it and verify it.

For all these, a country has to budget a certain portion of wealth for it. When the country spends too much in another area, then the defense gets less budget for the expenses of these officers.

Our body's immunity also has the same pattern. If we focus (budget energy) too much on one aspect of life, then we ignore supplying nutrients and exercise and sleep or rest.

When we give too much importance to save time to cooking, then we buy packet foods, which has all toxic preservatives, stabilizers, flavors, colors, added to it. Now the body instead of using the nutrients to build a strong immunity will spend on de-toxifying these toxins and so will have a weak immunity.

Also when we budget on too much on taste of food, then we tend to eat refined foods using us to crave for more foods and eventually become over weight. All these imbalances are created because of not budgeting our life properly.

A person may eat a lot of healthy foods, but brood or worry a lot about even silly things. He or she will age faster than a person who does not healthy foods but is always happy and content and cheerful.

This is because our brain is a small organ but consumes more than 80% of glucose and many nutrients needed in the metabolism to supply energy when we actively think, worry, fear an anxious.

This is why we look at five factors not at just one factor of nutrients and immune or health boosting products.

All the commercial products producing companies will be successful as long as non-logical thinking people exists. They are very smart people who know how to tap the weakness of the people.

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