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Young children staying away from parents 6 years 11 months ago #1949

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I am working on weekdays and only go home on weekend so is my wife. My 3 year old child is staying her grandparents. Only week ends we stay our child.

When I leave for my job early Monday morning,she wakes up from her sleep running towards me crying asking me to stay.I know she does miss me.Does these indicate any symptoms and how should i handle these situation sir?

Every act of us has pros and cons. In your situation, you both earn money and keep your profession alive and that is the advantage. The disadvantage is for both of you and your child. The child psychology is heavily influenced in pregnancy and after birth till age of five.

The child is getting love from the grandparents, but child is intelligent enough to distinguish that love from parents. There are various types of consequences in different children. Generally seen are insecurity, lack of confidence, lack of empathy etc.

Even timeout to children damages the psychology of child.

I have seen in my experience that these children ignore their parents when they frow up. when I was in 7th grade our school took us to a movie called " Ape and Superape ". They show that when baby monkeys got separated from mother monkeys and were bottle fed.....these baby monkeys when they grew and gave birth , they did not feed their babies. It is obvious what the baby monkey did not experience the mother's presence, got lost from its genetics of behavior.

Our mankind is also losing these values because we shift our energy of Santhana Lakshmi (child-family welath) more to Dhana-lakshmi (professional and monetary wealth). When he heap one side energy, we lose another side of Energy in life.

All this happens because men and women do not do their roles properly. If I tell, its women's job to stay at home and look after children, I will be branded as a male chauvunist. It is similar to women saying why should they only carry baby in their womb, why not men also do that? Then the simple answer is then that what makes a human , a female.

A anus cell in our body does not ask, why should I alone handle stools, why not a heart cell. This Vedic science it is clearly explained as karthavya (duty). It has nothing to do with human equality.

All men and women are equal, but they differ in their functionality.

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