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What is the appropriate age to start art, music or dance class for a child? 6 years 8 months ago #1969

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What is the appropriate age to start art, music or dance class for a child?
Human child must be exposed to any kind of art form from pregnancy or after pregnancy till the age of 3 so that the powerful absorbent mind will imbibe the pattern of the art form and create a natural sense of attraction to know that.

Till the age of 6 the home situation must expose the art forms to the child through media.
Example: If you want your child to learn South Indian music please if you know try to at least sing or just play the audio or TV in which the art gets into the child.

But do not expect the child will sit with the you or media and listen. But the impact is being imbibed indirectly. 1-6 years is the age of indirect learning.

Then we can observe the child's expressions for that art.

We can ask the child whether he \ she want to learn.

But do not stress the child.

By 4 years slolwy child can be send to music class where bajans, little easy lessons are taught.

The modern teachers must teach many things to the child just not alone the grammar.

Same way with instruments.

See the child's development and do not push the child.

By 6 they can go for dance, instruments etc.

By 7 ask whether they are ok with the classes, timings, home work, tests, Sundays etc.

Many children have said that they does not have their own relaxing or resting time on Sundays.

Do not dump with sessions.

Let the child focus with one art or maximum 2 based on liking.

The home situation must keep on giving the environment exposing that art form to the child in some way or other.

Do not compare the child with other child in the phase of learning.

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