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Milada Sthuthi 9 years 10 months ago #1880

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Sree Milaadhu sthuthi upon Lord Ayyappa

This is a very powerful and sacred most song recited by Sree Milaadhu. He is the very close friend and baktha of Ayyappa. He was a malnutrition child from birth. He belonged to Paanar community. He was fatherless. He surrendered to Ayyappa after realizing the sathyam of bhrama thathva within Ayyappa. He learned with Ayyappa in Pandhalam gurukulam. For this boy only Ayyappa gave a clay lamp ful of cow's ghee which was ever flowing. He took the path of daasa bakthy towards Lord.He sang in praise of Lord with udukku. He sang at the war field when Ayyappa battled with terrorist Udhayanan. When Ayyappa gave him salvation he refused to accept that and said that he wants to be his baktha for ever at Sabarimalai and serve a good devote to have the darshan properly and easily. Milaadhu's sogs in praise of Lord infront of him were documented and being placed in Pandhalam palace. On March 8th, 2014 Guru Shree G.JeyachandraRaj rendered and explained 2 songs in Coimbatore .He says that these songs take one to Lord easily in awareness and make them purify. These songs also purifies the nature.

Kastoori kunkum aangam kalabha parimalam
Koti gandharba moorthim
Visthaara Shree lalaat ujjwala dhara thilakam
Vishrutam Vishwa vashyam

Hastaaba janyasta sootram
HariHara param-aananda sootram pavitram
Shaastaaram Shakti yuktam
Sarasija vadanam sarva shaktam bhaje aham!

This sthuthi is being done by Saptha Rishies in Achan Koil shrine after seeing Milaahu's bakthy. They praise Milaadhu's view anout Lord.

Aarooda prauda vega, pravi jita pavanam
Tunga tungam turangam
Chelam Neelam vasaana kara tala vilasat
chanda kodanda kaandam
Raaga dweshaadi naanaa, visha mrigha patali
Bheeti krit bhoota bharta
Kurvan naa kheta leelaam, pari lasatu mana
Kaanane maama-keene

May the Lord Bhoothanatha, who mounts a tall-majestic horse which runs faster than the air, and wears a blue attire, may cheerfully hold bow and arrow in his lustrous hands and perform hunting in the forest of my mind that has the fear creating dreadful animals like desire, hatred and other negative qualities.

Kalhaa rojwala neela kundala bharom
Kalaam bhudha shyamalam
Karpoora Kalitha abhiraama vaphusham
Kanthendu bimbananom
Shri thandaankusa paasa soola vilasal
Paneem Mathaanda Deepa Roodam
Shathru vimardhanam hrithi maha
Shasthaaramathyam bhaje

Through Milaadhu we learn that baava and dasa bakty will make us to realize the truth.

Swaamiye saranam Ayyappa!

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Milada Sthuthi 6 years 7 months ago #2098

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Swami Ayyappa Saranam
108 Sharana Ghosham.Aum Say 'Saranam Ayyappa' after saying each line.

1.Aum Swamiyae
2.Aum Harihara sutane
3.Aum Kannimoola ganapati bhagavaanae
4.Aum Shakti vadivelan sodaranae
5.Aum Maalikappurattu manjammadevi lokamatha
Panchatheertha Maathave
6.Aum Milada Swamiyae
7.Aum Vaavar Swamiyae
8.Aum Karuppanna Swamiyae
9. Aum Periya kadutta Swamiyae
10.Aum Siriya kadutta Swamiyae
11.Aum Vanadevata maarae
12.Aum Durga bhagavati maarae
13.Aum Achchan kovil arasae
14.Aum Anna dhana prabhuvae
15.Aum Achcham tavirpavanae
16.Aum Ambalathu arasanae
17.Aum Abhaya daayakanae
18.Aum Ahandai azhippavanae
19.Aum Ashtasiddhi daayakanae
20.Aum Andinorai aadarikkum deivamae
21.Aum Azhutayil vaasanae
22.Aum Aaryangaavu Ayyaavae
23.Aum Kochadai Muthiah swamiye
24.Aum Ananda jyotiyae
25.Aum Aatma swaroopiyae
26.Aum Aanaimukhan thambiyae
27.Aum lrumudi priyanae
28.Aum lnnalai teerppavanae
29.Aum ega para suka daayakanae
30.Aum idaya kamala vaasanae
31.Aum Eedillaa inbam alippavanae
32.Aum Umaiyaval baalakanae
33.Aum Oomaikku arul purindavanae
34.Aum Oozhvinai akatruvonae
35.Aum Ookkam alippavanae
36.Aum Engum niraindoenae
37.Aum Enillaa roopanae
38.Aum En kula deivamae
39.Aum En guru naathanae
40.Aum Erumeli vaazhum kraada -shaastaavae
41.Aum Engum nirainda naada brahmamae
42.Aum Ellorkkum arul puribavanae
43.Aum Aetrumaanoorappan maganae
44.Aum Aekaantha vaasiyae
45.Aum Aezhaikkarul puriyum eesanae
46.Aum Aindumalai vaasanae
47.Aum Aiyyangal teerppavanae
48.Aum Opillaa maanikkamae
49.Aum Omkaara parabramamae
50.Aum Kaliyuga varadanae
51.Aum Kankanda deivamae
52.Aum Kambankudiku udaiya naathanae
53.Aum Karunaa samudramae
54.Aum Karpoora jyotiyae
55.Aum Sabari giri vaasanae
56.Aum Shatru samhaara moortiyae
57.Aum Sharana ghosha priyanae
58.Aum Shabarikku arul purindavanae
59.Aum Moksham Alipanave
60.Aum Shambhukumaaranae
61.Aum Satya swaroopanae
62.Aum Sankatam teerppavanae
63.Aum Sanchalam azhippavanae
64.Aum Shanmukha sodaranae
65.Aum Dhanvantari moortiyae
66.Aum Nambinorai kaakkum deivamae
67.Aum Narttana priyanae
68.Aum Pantala raajakumaaranae
69.Aum Agasthiyar Poojithane
70.Aum Parasuraama poojithanae
71.Aum Bhakta jana rakshakanae
72.Aum Bhakta vatsalanae
73.Aum Paramashivan puthiranae
74.Aum Pambaa vaasanae
75.Aum Parama dayaalanae
76.Aum Manikanda porulae
77.Aum Makara jyotiyae
78.Aum Vaikkathu appan makanae
79.Aum Kaanaka vaasanae
80.Aum Kulattu puzhai baalakanae
81.Aum Guruvaayoorappan makanae
82.Aum Kaivalya pada daayakanae
83.Aum Jaati mata bhedam illathavanae
84.Aum Shivashakti Aikya svaroopanae
85.Aum Sevippavarku aananda moorthiyae
86.Aum Dushtar bhayam neekkubavanae
87.Aum Devaadi devanae
88.Aum Devargal tuyaram teerppavanae
89.Aum Devendra poojitanae
90.Aum Naaraayananmynthanae
91.Aum Neiabhisheka priyanae
92.Aum Pranava svaroopanae
93.Aum Paapa samhaara moortiyae
94.Aum Paayaasanna priyanae
95.Aum Vanpuli vaagananae
96.Aum Varapradaayaganae
97.Aum Pancha Bhoota Naayagane
98.Aum Ponambala vaasanae
99.Aum Mohini sutane
100.Aum Mohana roopanae
101.Aum Villan villaali veeranae
102.Aum Veeramani kantanae
103.Aum Sadguru nathanae
104.Aum Sarva rokanivaarakanae
105.Aum Sachithananda sorupiyae
106.Aum Sarvaabheestha thayakanae
107.Aum Saasvatapadam alippavanae
108.Aum Patinettaam padikkutaiyanaadhane
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa (5 X)
Om Adiyen terindum teriyaamalum seida
sakala Kutrangalaiyum poruttu kaattu rakshittu arula vendum, Shree satyamaana ponnu patinettaam padimel vaazhum, Aum Shree Harihara sutan kaliyugavaradan
Aananda chittan Ayyan Ayyappa Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

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Milada Sthuthi 5 years 8 months ago #2108

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Miladan is a child hood friend of Lord Ayyappa who is the embodiment of love and affection. Lord Ayyappa considered Miladan as his most trusted friend and always waited to serve him, in spite of being from a backward community. Story of Milada is not very prominent in modern literature and hence not known to many people today.

Lord Ayyappa used to share his food with this boy from a poor background before he ate his food during the gurukula days. On one occassion when Miladan was trying to meet the lord in his palace, the soldiers refused entry. Seeing this lord ran out from the palace, hugged him and took him inside with all royal welcomings - clearly demonstrating to the rest of the world that his devotees will get his respect and attention, regardless of their current conditions. In this occassion, lord had declared that Miladan's soule is much more closer to him than every one else and then why should the body be away.

During the time of returning from the palace for ever, lord Ayyappa was granting Sayoojyam to Miladan. Being an esteemed devotee, Miladan refused the offer and sought lords blessings to keep singing his praise as long as the world existed. This wish was granted - there by making Miladan a "Chiranjeevi" - always alive.

Miladan is considered to be protecting the Poonkavanam today singing Lords glory using his udukku all the time. Please see references to udukku pattu.

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