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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SIDHAR, MUNI, RISHI & YOGI - Uni5 approach 7 years 4 months ago #2089

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What are the differences between Sidhar, Munis, Rishis and Yogis? Why should we have these classifications?

Each of the above four have a difference and the difference betweeen the four can be easily identified with the Uni5 way.


Take a look at your right hand 5 fingers. Your small finger is representing your body. Anyone who uses energy and transforms things which are physically seen (body level), these people are called as Sidhar. We call these physical level transformation as "Siddhu'. These people are called Sidhars. The well known 18 siddhars would have performed such Siddh acts which can be seen by us. Ex: bringing back a dead child to life, converting iron into gold etc. It needs to be noted that these Siddh acts were performed only by using their own Bhagya Shakthi (luck energy). The more one converts, the more energy he looses.

There is an story about Sidhars in Adi Shankaracharya's life story. When Adi Shankara wanted to cross the Ganga river, a Sidhar asked Shankaracharya whether he can perform any Siddh acts? Shankaracharya said he doesnt know how to perform such Siddhi acts. The Sage the told Shankara that he performed penance for so many years and he can do Siddhi works. When Shankaracharya asked more details, the Sidhar said he can walk on top of the water and he doesnt need a boat to cross the Ganga river. After Shankara & the Sidhar crossed the river (using a boat & walking on top of the river respectively), Shankaracharya said to the Sidhar that he used his years of penance just to save 2 cents (the fee that was given to the boatman to cross Ganga). What is the use in spending so much effort & time to gain this Sidhi for crossing the saagara (river). Instead we should be doing penance to know how to cross this samsara saagara


Munis are those who transform energy at the Mind level (manam)(ring finger). They use the Shakthi from their Mind and change them into another Mind. Lord Krishna in Gita refers Kapila as Kapila Muni. Uni5 & all the Sidhanthas of Bharath comes from Kapila's approach. We are still using Kapila's approach today for changing our minds. And hence Krishna rightly called him as KapilaMuni.


These people are those who look at the Knowledge (middle finger) factor of this Universe. They learnt and spent time to understand the real knowledge behind the creation, universe, cosmos etc. The famous 7 rishis (sapta rishis) fall under this category of using their energies to transform to Knowledge in connecting & interacting with the universal energy.


Yogis are those who transform their energy (Index finger) for connecting to the Universal truth, these people are called as Yogis. From self awareness level, they constantly try to get connected to the universal truth (thumb). A Yogi always focuses to transform his energy to reach the ultimate truth (chin mudra is a good example. Index finger trying to constantly reach the thumb for transcending oneself).

Hence, using our Uni5 method & using our 5 fingers, we can easily differentiate between Sidhars, Munis, Rishis and Yogis.

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