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Kidney stones


Kidney stones are the easiest to get rid off. Please clearly understand the cause for kidney stones to help yourself.

When the blood becomes flooded with acidic chemicals, then soluble oxalates in our blood form insoluble  stones with calcium called kidney stones.  This is similar to the situation of adding acidic lemon juice into milk. Milk proteins which are soluble suddenly become insoluble and aggregate to form  solids, which we call as cheese.


To prevent stones and also to dissolve the stones, the logical way is to get rid of acidic chemicals from the blood. Here are the simple ways.

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Do the following for 41 days to get rid of the kidney stones and also for preventing future stones. 


Water Therapy :   We generally recommend doing Water Therapy  to flush out acidic chemicals out of the blood. This is the logical cure for kidney stones.  Drink 1.5 liters of water first in the morning, using mild amount (dont make a herbal tea) of flavors like ginger, cumin seeds, mint leaves, cardamom, coriander seeds, Sarsparilla root powder, hibiscus flowers etc)  for better results.  These herbs in very small  doses helps in purifying the blood.


Food medicine: Stop any calcium supplements for few months. Also reduce chicken and non-vegetarian foods. The brown lentils soup is a kidney-stone breaking recipe.

Brown lentils (also called horse gram). Soak it for two hours in water (overnight is best), boil to cook and then mix with a teaspoon of black pepper, lime juice one teaspoonful and one teaspoonful of fresh coriander leaf juice (or add finely chopped leaves). This combination is very effective in dissolving the gravel and flushing the small stones. The horse gram (lentil) soup should be had every day for any time of the day (breakfast/lunch or dinner)  for 41 days. Then  eat once in every two days and slowly make in once in three days , then once a week and then once in two weeks and then once in a month for 6 to 12 months. This is a preventive measure also.


Another method: Take equal quantity (One tablespoon) of lemon juice, honey, and coconut oil or sesame oil (all organic) mix and drink in empty stomach in morning and after one hour,  do water therapy. Do this for 41 days and all the stones in kidney tubes or in kidney also will be flushed out.


Fruit / Vegetable juices to dissolve stones:

Once a day (preferable after half an hour or one hour after water therapy) drink one juice a day (more than one also is good). Make all of the freshly prepared, no canned and bottled.  This will dissolve kidney stones.

     You can have this one to three times a day. Start eating three times a day for a few days to a week, then make it for two times a day for another week, then once a day for another week till totally you complete 41 days.
Then you do alternate days, then once a week and then once in two week for at least three months.

     Every day for breakfast or any time of day drink one juice a day. Seven juice for seven days and repeat the cycle for 41 days.

1. Carrot juice.
2. Cucumber juice with or without carrot.
3. Radish leaf and a small piece of raddish : A cupful of juice with carrot or cucumber or plain.
4. Cranberries juice.
5. Water melon juice
6Grape fruit juice
7. Grape juice
8. Orange juice
9. A glassful of fresh mango juice .
10Peach juice with its peel.

Among the above, cucumber, carrot, radish, water melon are very important.

     More than seven because you may not get everything in all seasons. All juice have to be made fresh in a blender. No canned and bottled juice. Put the fruit or veg in blender and add little water (no ice or soda) and then for sweetness if needed add dates or honey. Blend it and drink.

     For Pancha Bhoota healing try to use all organic because they make a big difference in healing your body naturally.



Cashew nut: Excessive use of cashew nuts elevates oxalic acids hence reduce intake.  Avoid all soft , carbonated drinks. Chicken is good to avoid for at least two three months. Chicken is very bad for kidney stones. Being a vegetarian is much better to keep the urine alkaline



Juice fasting: Whole day. (You can use any fruits and vegetables of your choice, but the bottom one is the excellent combination)

8.00: Start the fasting by drinking apricot , apple and cranberries juice.

10.00 fresh cucumber juice with radish along with its leaf

12.00 fresh orange , pear and water melon juice.

2.00 fresh mixed carrot, beet and celery juice.

4.00 fresh grapepapayastrawberry or blueberry juice.

6.00 fresh cucumbercarrot juice.

8.00 fresh cantaloupe and pomegranate and kiwi juice.

10.00 fresh carrot and radish leaf and vegetable juice.


Important Note: Banana stem juice is excellent to dissolve stones.If you can find in your local market, it is a fast way to dissolve the stones. 



While doing Surya Namaskar, be aware of the abdomen region and kidney stones while you end your abdomen. Feel good air circulation, blood circulation, heat circulation in the region. This will help to relax the muscles and avoid pain.


Air therapy: Taking a long breath and relaxes every now and then reduces stress in the body. Doing Pranayama  5 minutes morning and evening is also good.


Space Therapy: Similarly relaxation  of the mind reduces stress.



A single factor may be a biased view for the cause of a disease.

Several factors contribute to health is the Eternal Truth.

 Click on the links inside the tables for details.


   Uni5   Eternal  and  Universal
 Health Style
Five Levels 1 2 3 4 5
Elements Earth Water Fire Air Space













Internal Body Mind Intelligence Awareness Consciousness
External Food Water Heat Air Space

Whole foods


Juice Therapy

Liver Tonic chutneys


Water Therapy

Castor Oil

Gall Nut

Detoxification- Best

Exercise for lymph circulation for health and immunity like Yoga, walking, Suryanamaskar



Laugh Therapy

Food Proteins Carbohydrates Fats Vitamins Phyto-Nutrients
Food Type Fiber Rich Well chewed food Balanced foods Vegetarian Live fermented foods
Mind- External
Acceptance Yoga


Uni5 Meditation

PB Meditation

Increase SAL Energy
 Mind- Internal Transform Anger to helping nature Cleanse Out meaness with charity Cleanse out Pride with serving attitude Cleanse out Jealousy with compassion
Intelligence     Unbiased outlook - Seek the Unchanging Truth Embracing all beliefs - understand the results of action done under personal beliefs Forgiveness - Forgive and Forget to Give and Get
Awareness       Eco-friendliness - We are all connected in and out. So polluting nature is inturn polluting ourself Conservation of Energy - Avoid wastage of all forms of Energy, because inturn it is our own SAL Energy
Consciousness         Unconditional Love - The only Reality of this Universe


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Maruppathu udal noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give physiological effects)
Maruppathu ula noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give psychological effects)
Maruppathu ini noi varathiruppa ( A medicine is one that ensures prevention of diseases)
Maruppathu savai marundhu enalakum. (A medicine is one that ultimately grants Immortality)
-  Thirumoolar in Thirumanthiram (800 BC)


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