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Ligament Tears/ Ligament damage

Taking enough rest and not straining the ligament helps a lot. Organic, unrefined/unpolished whole diet, Water therapy, castor oil cleansing, breathing exercises, and rituals and charity need to be done. Physical exercises need to be done according to the patient's health condition.

External Application Oil

Boil organic turmeric, garlic, and aloe vera in good quality castor oil and store this castor oil mix in a glass container. Apply this oil on the affected area four to five times a day by warming it a bit each time and carefully give hot fomentation. Give fomentation with the lowest temperature possible. Make sure that the affected ligament is soaked with the oil.


This external application oil is highly effective. If you have all the ingredients to prepare this oil, then you can try this or prepare the above oil. Take a handful of Bermuda Grass (arugampul in Tamil), Datura stramonium flower 4 to 5 nos (English - thorn apple, oomatham poo in Tamil), Datura stramonium seed 2 nos and grind this with A2 cow’s urine and boil this mixture in 100 ml castor oil. Once it cools down, store this oil in a glass container. Warm this oil a bit each time and apply to the affected ligament then tie the ligament with a cotton cloth. Need to pour the oil on the cloth and make sure the ligament is soaked with oil. Need to do this minimum of 20 to 30 days till the ligament gets cured.

Better to do the below suggestions after doing castor oil cleansing. Diet plays an important role, follow uni5 diet recommendations.

Before breakfast (After half an hour of doing water therapy) and before lunch, chew ten curry leaves with a small amount of good quality black pepper then drink one glass of a2 cow’s (if a2 cow’s buttermilk is not available then fresh milk’s buttermilk, not canned one is okay) buttermilk with one small piece of ginger (remove the outside skin of the ginger). After dinner, have one glass of pineapple juice followed by good quality turmeric.


Moringa soup – Take a handful of moringa soup, add a small amount of black pepper, turmeric, and stone-ground these then make soup.

Balloon vine leaves soup (Tamil - mudakkathan ) – steam balloon vine leaves for two to three minutes (steaming must be done before making the soup), then make soup by adding a small amount of black pepper and turmeric to it.

Have the above soup on alternate days. One day moringa soup and another day balloon vine leave soup likewise...Do this for a minimum of 48 days.

Doing the above suggestions with uni5 basic five elements give the best results. Turmeric, pepper, castor oil, and other ingredients used should be of good quality.

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