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A migraine is a common neurological disease that causes a variety of symptoms, mostly a throbbing, pulsing headache on one side of the head that can vary in intensity. A migraine will likely get worse with triggers like physical activity, lights, sounds, or smells.


Stress and headache

 A new study provides evidence for what many people who experience headaches have long suspected -- having more stress in your life leads to more headaches. The study released today will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 66th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, April 26 to May 3, 2014.


"Seizures and migraines are two very different states of the brain," said Steven J. Schiff, Brush Chair Professor of Engineering in the Departments of Neurosurgery, Engineering Science and Mechanics, and Physics, Penn State. "We found that the spreading depolarization, also called spreading depression, seen in migraines is a fundamental biophysical phenomenon and you can stop it with electrical current. Strangely, it is the opposite direction of the electrical current used to turn off seizures.


Migraine is not a predictable disorder for all people. Understanding how lifestyle affects the severity and frequency of attacks can be a large part of successful migraine treatment. Lifestyle changes can impact patient outcomes. Following the below five aspects of uni5 helps with migraine and its different symptoms.

  1.Earth Therapy

Fiber-rich foods are tonic of the liver. It gives less work to the liver. It supplies nutrients and so makes the liver less tiresome. We recommend using fiber-rich whole grains like brown rice (remember to soak in water and cook), whole rye flakes (33% fiber compared to 20% fiber in oats), whole wheat flakes (28%), barley flakes (26%). Millets like Ragi are rich in fiber. In all ancient traditions, people ate different types of grains and millets many of the readers might be unaware of the names.  These millets give different nourishment that helps prevent many diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, etc. millet, Kodo-millet.

  • Use Organic Cold Pressed and Non-GMO oils for cooking. Sesame oil, Coconut oil, and A2 Ghee are good for cooking.

  • Use Jaggery or Palm sugar instead of white sugar.

  • Intake of Organic Non-GMO vegetables and fruits. ie, Native vegetables which are rich in fiber.

  1. Very important is to cleanse the liver and intestines with Castor oil and Gallnut (cleansing)  before starting the Pancha Bhoota and you can alternatively do the cleanse every two months (one-time castor oil, next time gall-nut cleansing). If you have liver failure, then wait for few months till your liver function tests are normal.


Triphala Powder - Strengthen Liver

Every day night one teaspoon of Triphala powder in 50 ml of hot water. (Please Click here to find the link to buy this herb).


Liver boosting herbs

Every day eat the following chutneys. One per day. seven days seven chutneys and then repeat them again. All leaves should be raw and not heat sauteed. But you can add coconut, red pepper, or black sesame seeds or split peas dal and salt to make it tasty.

  1. Coriander  leaves chutney

  2. PhyllanthusNiruri leaves chutney

  3. Bringraj   leaves chutney

  4. Curry leaves chutney

  5. Coriander  leaves chutney

  6. Mint leaves chutney

  7. Moringa  leaves chutney or uses Aloe Vera  leaves

Click here to see some model Chutney Recipes that you can modify to make the above chutneys. You can eat this chutney with pasta, bread or with rice.

If you feel the chutney is bitter, then you can make it thick and make it as a small moth-ball size and swallow it with water. Make them small balls so that you do not choke yourself.

If you cannot afford fresh leaves, then get dried leaves and boil in water and drink the decoction with or without honey or Palm Sugar or unrefined or Brown-sugar or jaggery

Fermented Rice:

 Healthy Gut bacteria are really needed for preventing bad cancer cells. You will be amazed at how all the ancient civilizations had almost no cancer because of the fermented products they ate. We strongly recommend doing that by eating everyday fermented rice and Indian homemade yogurt. Click the link for details.

Avoid oxidation-inducing foods, instead, use antioxidant-rich foods.

Go for toxic-free organic foods, avoid GMO foods and hybrid varieties of rice, wheat, fruits, and vegetables because they in their fast growth mode, compromise the quantity of discovered and yet to be discovered essential nutrients that prevent many diseases. 


Soup Recipe

Having moringa soup with black pepper continuously for a month

Nasya for migraine

Nasya from ysa market three drops per nose before going to sleep daily till the disease gets cured. 

Please check ysa market for nasya and antioxidant-rich foods.


 2.Water Therapy

We generally recommend doing Water Therapy to cleanse the intestines and liver so that the root cause of many diseases is healed.  Drink 1.5 liters of water first thing in the morning, using a mild amount of different types of healing herbs, Each day one herb, but very small amounts.  Two or three fresh leaves or one teaspoon of dried leaves.

Water therapy with Chrysopogon zizanioides (vettiver), ginger, (vallarai) Centella asiatica, Boerhavia diffusa (mookirattai) will be highly effective for migraine.


2. Can soak any one of the above herbs at night and in the morning, you can warm it and drink



     In the morning freshly you can boil water with any one of the above spices and drink it warm


3. Fire Therapy

Yoga is particularly good.   It helps in good lymphatic circulation and prevents many diseases. Yoga should be done not just as a body exercise but with full awareness of breath. Only this will bring good lymphatic circulation and prevent the spreading of cancer cells.

If you have not done Yoga, then Start with Pancha Bhoota Walking

Superbrain yoga/Ganesha yoga: If you feel negative emotions, scared, anxious about your health, and worried about your life, then do super brain yoga. Doing Ganesha yoga daily helps with migraine headaches.

If you feel negative emotions, scared, anxious about your health, and worried about your life, then do super brain yoga.

It is a simple exercise and so one could begin with SuperBrain Yoga and then do  Surya Namaskar and for advanced-level practices, one could do.

Pancha Bhoota Yoga is given in the fire section.


 4. Air therapy

Breathe a sigh of relief:

This is a simple breathing technique for getting away from stress. Sit in a relaxed manner and start taking slow deep breaths through both nostrils alone (keep the mouth closed) and then slowly release the air out through both nostrils. Then again repeat this process for 5 to 10 minutes, if possible, every 2 or 3 hours every day. With each observed breathing feel you are relieved from all stress and disease, and you are healthy.

In normal daily activities be conscious of your breath most of the time. Breathe consciously while walking, working will benefit a lot.

Advanced users: For those who can do pranayama from a trained teacher, it will be better. Doing Pranayama  5 to 10 minutes morning and evening are good to prevent this disease again.


 5.Space Therapy

Other Relaxation exercises to increase breathing:   Relaxation of the mind reduces stress and worries of health.   We recommend doing Uni5 Meditation to completely cure the disease. 

Uni5 Meditation technique is a quite simple systematic self-guided means of transcending to Self-Awareness. Using the five fingers, one can self-remind the level of one's own Self-Awareness.

Thumb is the space element (Consciousness) that can flexibly touch the other four fingers as Air (Self-Awareness), Fire (Intelligence), Water (Mind), and Earth (body). Using the five fingers in Uni5 meditation (Consciousness/Aware fullness/mindfulness), one can effortlessly be Conscious of the state of One-Self.

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