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Skin Blisters


Skin Blisters: These occurs when the lymphatic circulation is increased by change in diet, detox diets, cleansings, or using herbs like aloe-vera for long period etc.


This effect of skin blister appearance in the skin as painful boils mostly in the thighs, facail or buttocks regions is due to the body's natural way of throwing out toxic proteins (antigens) or toxic chemicals from the body. Usually this detoxification occurs using body's defense system of the lymphatic system. Unnecassrily anti-biotics are prescribed for blisters, without understanding the root cause of the problem.

This effect in Ayurveda is called as "hotness" and so "cooling" foods are given.

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To cure blisters paste of green leaves of karmua (aquatic creeper) mixed with curd (yogurt) is applied over blister for 4 times a day for 4 days.

1. Application of neem oil and turmeric powder is good.

2.Application of warm ghee on boils.

3.Application of warm ghee with holy ash (Vibhuthi) and a drop of neem oil or neem laves paste.

3. Apply caster oil on one side of the betal leaf and heat it on a pan and then invert the oil side of the leaf on the boil. Repeat it for every few hours.

4. The above treatment with addition of turmeric powder and small red onion juice (shallots) along with castor oil and betal leaf is good for facial boils.

5.Application of banana peel pulp on boils also is effective. Do this few times.

6. Application of paste of Namakatti (Naamakatti) frequently for effective cure.

7. Application of sandalwood paste with rose petal pulp is good.

8. Application of juice of Acalypha_indica (tamil name-kuppaimeni leaves) on boils is good. You can dry and powder the leaves and keep it for handy use.

For effective result add few drops of  calo tropics milk along with coconut oil (beware the sap of this plant gives skin burning effect).


Blain and blisters: TO cure blain, paste of bhadbhadwa (Argemone mexicana) roots boiled with goat milk is applied over the blain twice a day and continued for over one week for complete cure.


Moles:   For moles pulp of nagphani (Opuntia dillenii Haw,) mixed with vermilion is applied for quick relief.


Vililago Leucoderma

Traditional treatment of leucoderma by Kol tribes of Vindhyan region of Uttar Pradesh

 Potential phytotherapy of atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, vitiligo

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