Alkaline Diet and Acidic Diet based on Blood groups and hot-cold foods

When our cells breaks down food to produce energy, Hydrogen atoms are produced as a waste product. By they are highly toxic to the cells and cause severe damage. To prevent this, we breathe in oxygen which combines with hydrogen and forms water. This non-toxic water is then excreted as urine.

 Cancer, inflammatory diseases and other chronic diseases are also caused by the toxicity of chemical molecules formed during the energy production.

So foods can be categorized into two types, based on the amount of charged hydrogen ions that is produced while beings used as energy source.

The foods that causes more hydrogen ions production are acidic (they lower the neutral blood pH of 7 to acidic values of 6 and below ).

Those foods that do not change the blood pH significantly, instead help to neutralize (detoxify) hydrogen are alkaline foods. Mostly vegetarian  food sources are alkaline and animal derived foods like meat are acidic. Diary products like milk is neutral.

 Why alkaline and acidic food concept is not considered scientific but non-sense? Our body tries to maintain the pH of the blood by detoxifying hydrogen ions using oxygen and other bio-molecules in our body. Therefore we cannot determines the blood pH changes, hence it is considered un-scientific.

When we eat more acidic foods, then we will be pulling the bio-molecules of the body to detoxify the hydrogen ions. These balancing bio-molecules have other roles in the body but now we are merely using them for detoxifying the hydrogen ions produced by the acidic foods. Deficiency of the bio-molecules will appear as various disease symptoms in the body.

In summary we dont see directly blood pH changes because blood pH is immediately restored to neutral by bio-molecules. What we see is the effect of balancing actions of bio-molecules leading to diseases. If you eat alkaline foods you keep the bio-molecules for their required body functions. If you eat acidic foods you create imbalance of bio-molecules. This imbalance can cause wide range of mild symptoms from fatigue to major killer disease like cancer.

Alkaline water? Is there are logic behind drinking alkaline water?. No, just by changing the ph of water, it will not affect our body. But water clusters is broken down , will help our body. This is why traditionally water is boiled with herbs and so clusters are broken and toxins are removed. see water boiling with herbs.

Please read another article to know about heating and cooling foods.


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