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Ego Seeks

Struggle of a spiritual seeker

        Spiritual life is a struggle because, he or she has to swim opposite the direction of the river flow. To flow with the river is easy, but there is always bumps and humps of life, which is also sorrowful. The spiritual seeker has to go backwards to the "Source of the river" to extinguish the reflection of the Sun, the Ego. Because we have already seen that going backwards to the second stage of river, the reflection becomes less hazy and in the glacier stage there is no reflection of the sun but only pure awareness. This is the state of a self realized person.

      All beings proceed towards this state of self Realization, which is a process called evolution. Every being has that inherent tendency to reach that state of pure awareness and merge to the pure Consciousness. This is the propelling force for survival that is seen in all beings.  This Vedantic concept  took thousands of years in the west to be popularized by Charles Darwin.  However the evolution theory proposed by Charles Darwin is not complete because it only gives the answer of how through survival of fittest, evolution moves forward, but there is no explanation for a why does it have to occur.

      Vedantic view of evolution and its purpose is complete. In the next few pages we will discuss why life originated and how life evolved through various stages for Self-Realization. The Vedantic view is about internal Evolution and gave only least importance to external evolution.


1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes the evolution as a Journey to the Source more vividly.

     We are , Who we think we are 

       All If we think we are this mortal body, mind and senses, then we are subjected to a life of birth and death (Samsara). If we transcend into the reality that we are just the perceiver or the witness of all the actions, then we are the immortal, eternal light. Transcending to realize that we are not this mortal body but the eternal Consciousness principle is Salvation or Moksha or Nirvana or liberation or freedom.

     All of us are flowing in that direction whether we like it or not. This is the order of evolution. If we do break this flow disasters happens in life in the form of diseases, pains, sufferings, just to hit us to go further in the process of evolution. Many a times people suffer from serious set backs in life and understand that the pain and suffering help some of them to think and correct. Some may not correct hem and so had to undergo again pain and suffering until they learn it right.

   This is why we undergo sufferings in life. Diseases or accidents come in the form to awake us from the deep slumber of ignorance. But when we encounter pain and suffering in life we tend to take short cuts to overcome it and do not learn from the mistakes. We think we are smart to forego the lessons to be learnt.  There is no escape for us from not realizing our own Self. Our Journey ends when we realize our True Self.  Till we realize our true Self, we will under go all the sufferings and pain for one goal, Self Realization.

      It is like school children who are in pain and suffering when encounter with examinations or tests. The reality is that these exams are not really to torture the children, but to self evaluate their own understanding of the subject. Similarly the pains and sufferings we encounter in life in not meant to torture ourselves, but nature organizes that based on a set of laws called "karma". The laws of karma are like exam rules and regulations.  Nature has beautifully organized based on these laws. The law of karma can be given in one  short proverb" what we sow we reap".

     So if we take care of our health of the body and mind we reap benefits of good health of the body and mind. If we misuse then we are going to suffer correspondingly. Here is the catch, we take care of the body and mind only when are strengthen our intellect and then slowly drift into the state of awareness. To put in other words, all these health care tips are in fact to drive us into the state of awareness. It is our laziness and our ego that prevents us from taking this forward step.


1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes the evolution as a Journey to the Source more vividly.


Ego projects a concept of God

        When Ego suffers in pain and sorrow, it looks for a temporary solace. This is how it makes the concept of God. It is out of its own weakness and fear that it creates a concept of God. We shall discuss about the concept of God.

Claims of the Ego

         The irony  is the reflection of the Sun take claims that it is the real Sun, and it was who that melted the glaciers and formed the streaming  mountains and now it is the one that is floating on this river. "I" "I" "Mine" is the way this Ego reflection uses the maximum. One's you realize your true Self, then you understand what a fool this Ego was, claiming all work to itself. The biggest foolishness was to think that it was floating on the river and it was part of the river. In reality it was not the river, its reflection just fell on the river. The Ego is mere a reflection and has no substance in reality.

        But this reflection does not want to away. The Ego does not like to think that it is a reflection. it tries all means to protects its false identity. To achieve this it makes all the concepts and tries to prove its reality. This is what we see in this world that is happening. It tries to establish its power in every means and moments of life.

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1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes consciousness and awareness more vividly.



Mis-understanding God 

           The term "God" is severely abused and misused in all religions. God is pure Consciousness. But this is initially difficult to comprehend for the Ego-Mind. Hence God has been given names and forms so that the mind can grasp the concept. When the mind and Ego is purified, then there is no need for the names and forms of God.

           When a child begins to learn alphabets, it cannot comprehend  the words and therefore forms and names are attributed for easy grasping. "A" for Apple, "B" for ball, "C" for CAT, "D" for dog etc. The child can only grasp alphabets in names and forms. But the very same child when reaches enough maturity drops all the names and forms attributed with the alphabets and can read and write without those symbols.

         Similarly most of us cannot grasp the concept of Pure Consciousness and so it is given name and form in religions. In Vedic tradition which talks about one God, however has innumerable Gods and Goddesses to represent the various attributes of Awareness which leads to the understanding of Consciousness. Ironically, these symbolic representations are taken for granted resulting in confusions and mis-understandings. In the section of festivals you will read in detail how these symbolic representation of Gods and Goddesses help in the purification of Ego to realize Pure Consciousness.

          Only for a lay man language, God is represented as someone sitting and controlling us and is the one who (he or she) takes care of all beings on Earth, creates and destroys and gives punishments and rewards. All these are required for the immature Ego to mature. Like we frighten the kids with ghosts and kidnappers to prevent them from doing mistakes or to obey the parents.

       As we purify our Ego we understand that it is our thoughts that create the world. The world is just the play of thoughts, like the shadows created in the presence of light. Vedanta say the whole world is an illusion and only Consciousness is the reality form the stand point of the view that it is in the presence of  Light that all shadows are formed. The mind when is away from the light of Consciousness, creates reality to  the shadows. When the mind gets closer towards the light of Consciousness the world of shadows disappear and understand that everything is only Consciousness. The illusion was in taking Consciousness as different objects instead of "ONE". This is the illusion or "Maya".

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1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes God & Consciousness more vividly.


Who creates Ego?

      It is no different from asking, Who creates the shadow?,  the light or the object?. The light is certainly not responsible for the creation of the shadow. However, the shadow cannot be formed without the light and so does not have any independent existence of its own. The object in respective of its position to the light source is the cause of the creation of shadow.

      If the object is far away from the light source, the shadow's length is longer. The closer the object moves towards the light source, shorter the shadow's length and once when the object and the shadow are in close proximity the objects merges with the light.  Look at the illustration given below. The shadow of the pyramid like structure is longer when it is far away from the light source. The length of the shadow decreases as it approaches the light source.     

           Ego similarly does not have any independent existence. It is just the shadow in the presence of Pure Consciousness. Pure consciousness is not responsible for the creation of Ego and at the same time, without Consciousness Ego does not exist.

           Without God or pure Consciousness, there is nothing, but God has nothing to do with whatever is happening in this world. It is all the shadow  play of the Ego. This concept of God is confused vastly in all religions, however spiritual traditions are very clear about it. Not understanding this concept is ignorance and leads to all confusions, pain and suffering. All the problems that we suffer are our own creation. We create thoughts with our own free will and suffer from it. This is why from the beginning we have been insisting on creating positive thoughts to create a blissful life.

         God as a person is the creation of Ego for it to feel cozy and protected. We will see how many disguises the Ego takes to protect itself. In the name of God ego achieves to fulfill all its needs and wants. In the name of God, Ego does not give up making discriminations and distinctions and take control over other fellow beings and living beings. In the name of God, Ego ruthlessly can harm and torture all beings in the world. In the name of God it can kill spiritual traditions and inhibit the evolution. Through the mis-understanding of the word God, Ego fuels all discussions, debates and war through which it nourishes its own beliefs and concepts. Ego will eradicate any free thinking that will go in the direction of the intellect and finally awareness.

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