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      Space Silence (The Last Exercise of Space Therapy)

          Abstinence from talking causes physical silence. But what matter is the inner silence. Once a week or at least once a month abstain from talking the whole day. this increases physical power of the body and mind.

Why to do physical silence?

      Doing all the awareness increasing exercises, we will find that we maintain the state of awareness and aware of our thoughts. However we would notice that while talking we lose track of the state. The final practice then would be to have awareness even while talking. But to attain this, one needs this final practice of abstaining from talking or maintaining physical silence.

    Initial step is to abstain from talking for one whole day. If any urgent message is to be conveyed, it is written on a paper and handed over. But overtime make sure that on that day you also abstain from doing any work.

    While doing this abstaining from talking, the important point to be noted is to  decrease the intensity of the thoughts that arise in the mind. Keep dismissing any thought that arises in the mind. The nature of mind is its meandering means. From one thought it jumps into another like a monkey jumping from one tree to another. The mind associates one thought to the another as if it were very logical. Example if it see a car, then the thought of Toyota or Honda leads to Japan or New York, then it leads to a statue of liberty or Hiroshima bombing. From there it leads to world war and so on. In the above example, stay with the thought of the car itself, never allow the mind to get into the thought of Japan or New York. Nib it before it jumps into later thoughts.

      This should be the objective of the silence therapy or space therapy. As we have mentioned several times that  though the size of the brain  is only 20% of the whole body, it consumes more than 40% of energy even at rest, then imagine while actively thinking. This energy will be conserved for the body as well as for healing and repairing body damages.

   Steps in abstinence (Space therapy)

1. Before and while doing Space therapy (Abstinence) make sure your intention is what watch the mind and be aware of the thoughts.

2. When too much agitated allow the mind to take over the object of its desire but with more awareness. Example, when you abstain from eating or salt-less eating, your mind would crave for it, make justification, feels more restless. Be attentive of these thoughts. Understand that these are the thoughts of the mind. You see that the mind is focused on this issue and does not wander away. This is the moment when you can witness your mind.

3. When the craving for the object is too much instead of controlling and scolding the mind allow it get the object. But again pay attention to mind , watch the mind aggrandizing the  object of desire. Be aware of that you are aware of your mind. This itself is a thought. But later you will transcend to a state of watching or witnessing yourself, which is not a mental thought and that is pure awareness.

Do not scold yourself

     Do to the tendency to get the mind control, one tends to scold oneself while doing these practices. When there is craving of the mind for the abstained objects, it is natural that the mind to revolt. Instead of rebuking it, allow the mind once a while to get the object it desires.  But while doing this act be attentive to the thoughts, other wise it will result in indulgence. If the mind is scolded or judged as powerless, then the mind loses enthusiasm in everything. The mind develops dis-interest in everything and this leads to frustration and depression. So do not scold the mind, instead develop friendship with it. A servant is happy when the master is friendly with him or her at the same time maintaining discipline and strictness.

     The final practice in Space therapy is the abstinence from talking and experience inner silence. 

Pilgrimage Deepens Self Awareness Energy (SAL)

        We have discussed how our ancient masters have inculcated mind and body purification practices through enjoyable rituals. Here purification means removing mental blocks that short circuit our own SAl Energy.  These rituals are ingrained in the life style in the form of festivals and pilgrimages. Pilgrimage is a healing ritual which bring about purification of body and mind.  Pilgrimages are seen in all spiritual and religious traditions. We will just high light here the  yearly "Sabarimala" ritual that motivates a lot of people,  especially in South India.

        The five abstinences mentioned before are beautifully coordinated in one ritual observed in the winter months of India for 41 days of Ayyappa vritham (vratham) ritual to go on a pilgrimage to Sabarimala , a temple in the mountain ranges of Kerala.   Please click here  to read about the interesting  behind the "Sabarimala"  Pilgrimage rituals in detail.

     We mention about pilgrimages because of the importance of Abstinence which helps to transcend to Awareness state, the source of healing. Form ancient times these pilgrimages were done to keep the body and mind healthy and also progress in spiritual life.

      In the next page we will discuss the power of Abstinence, which should be clearly understood, otherwise it will remain as a meaningless torture to the body and mind.

      Power of Abstinence

       Through abstinence one has to observe the mind. The purpose of abstinence is to watch the mind. Mind watching is the closest process that leads to awareness and also to stay in awareness and also leads to the state of pure Consciousness.

      When we do abstinence of food, sex, activity or talking etc we get a chance to watch the mind. We observe how the mind  craves for the object of desire, put forth  temptations, makes justifications to give up the task of abstinence etc. We know these aspects of the mind, but we are helpless in those moments and fall to the weakness of the mind.

      Through the abstinence of space therapy, we are deliberately putting our mind in stake and watching the mind. We see our own self how agitated and restless the mind is. Just keep observing the mind and be aware of the mind thoughts. This is a very powerful means of mind watching which leads in controlling the mind to a greater extent that you can have hold of your mind.

     Now most of the mind is not at all in our control. we think as the mind dictates. We are just caught up in the whirl pool of thoughts of the mind. We helplessly falls into the negative thoughts of greed, anger, jealousy, fear, lust and hatred bring adverse effects to the body and hinder the healing force. As we had discussed before these negative emotions manifest as diseases.  To get out of stress,  the mind should be relaxed and purified from the negative thoughts. This can happen in a slow process of mind watching. Only through the watching the mind we can nib out the unwanted thoughts.

      Next we will the steps involved in final space therapy.

No salt diet - Mind watching

          This is a very powerful exercise one can do to really be aware of the restless thoughts of the mind.  In other words it is a powerful exercise for mind watching. Some of the members of Sakthi Foundation has done this exercise for few days to 41 days avoiding salt in foods. Avoiding salt does not harm the body because natural salts is present in all foods.

         This exercise is not done to torture the body. It is a powerful means of self evaluation of the control you have over your mind. During this exercise one observes how the mind gets tempted over to eat salty food and break the exercise. It is difficult to begin but later becomes a fun watching the justifications that mind gives the intellect to stop the practice. If you are aware you will witness the thoughts of mind, intellect, temptations, desires, justifications, anger, greed, restlessness etc.

         The mind that fed on strong likes and dislikes of the taste now feels miserable and weak when it cannot get to what it needs. This is one excellent means to strengthen the intellect, because the intellect wants to keep the discipline of not eating salt added food for 41 days, while the mind does not allow that. Therefore it is a challenge of the mind and intellect.  You will be able to self evaluate whether your mind or intellect is powerful.

        This is the intention of some of the spiritual rituals done like fasting, abstinence from eating salt, sugar, favorite foods etc. Through abstinence of mind's favorite food one gains control of mind's strong likes and dislikes. Through this approach slowly we can control the mind not to think of negative thoughts. Generally we have no control over mind to think of positive thoughts. We are taken a roller coast ride by the mind. We are just the slave of the mind. We think what the mind wants to think. We act what the mind wants us to act. To gain freedom from the prison of the mind is real freedom. This is the message of Vedanta or any spiritual tradition. We will discuss this later in spiritual section.

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