Ego -The villain

           It is the Ego feeling or  "I" thought that craves and the bottom line for addiction. All mental and physical problems stems from the "I" feeling.  The "I"  feeling instead of helping the body, ruthlessly rips off health of  the body.   "I" want to experience  spicy taste no matter my stomach hurts and develop ulcers.  "I" want to experience to "refresh" with coffee no matter if it dehydrates my body  and make my body cells suffer in thirst. "I" want to experience dull-mindedness  with alcohol  no matter if it hurts my  liver and all other body organs..

            The moment the Ego gets the mind to dance to its whims and tunes, the body is completely forgotten. But every time when we try these body damaging experiences some thing in us warns about the consequences and that is our intellect. The intellect is like a wise minister or counselor who is concerned about the welfare of the people and of the king . It will warn the blind's king attitude of dancing to the tunes of its Ego prince as dooming the kingdom, the body. Such a blind king will wake up only when the citizens wake up and revolt against the autocratic  rule of the king. As we had discussed earlier disease is an alarm of the dys-functioning of the mind affecting the body and requires immediate attention. So the waking up call of the citizens  is the disease alarm.

Peaceful kingdom

          How can maintain Peace always?. When the mind (king) rules the kingdom (body) sticking to  law and the advice of the ministers without the selfish attitude of pleasing his son, the Ego, there would be peace in the Kingdom.  A king (mind) who rules with his own inner strength and not being a puppet in the hands of his Egoistic son, would bring peaceful reign.

          The above kingdom is an ideal kingdom. But what if there is no peace, there is total confusion and no direction in life?  If there a way out? Can something be done for the blind king (mind) its own strength and bring peace to the kingdom? Yes and that is the purpose of this Sakthi Gita.  Gita is the essence of Mahabharata.  The above story of our mind and Ego is the theme of Mahabharata. Our inner conflict is the Mahabharata war. Reading this Sakthi Gita not only we regain our inner strength but also know our real nature which is not this body, this mind, the intellect or this ego. Our true nature is one and the same but called in different names in different traditions - Soul, Spirit, Atma, God, Consciousness, Peace, Being, Reality etc.

Healing diseases of the mind and the body.

       Through Sakthi-Gita, one can heal the diseases of the mind and the body. As you have read in the health section in Sakthi Foundation web page, stress in the mind is the root cause for all the diseases. At a subtle level, the stress in the mind is due to its inner conflicts. If we can distinctly see the Ego and through that we can overcome stress in the mind, addictive habits, inner conflicts, deep wounds of the mind and all negative tendencies of the mind. Purifying all these aspects of the mind one can heal diseases of the mind and the body. This approach is not a temporary solution but a long lasting approach to regain peace in us, at all levels.

         Before introducing this approach to public on internet , we and our friends tried it and got amazing results. Many of our friends told us that for the  first time they were able to understand how the Ego plays tricks in the minds. They viewed their own Ego curbing all their attempts to let free the mind from its prison and realize its own power. This approach is like an adventure or like watching a movie since we observe our own thoughts. Through this path we understand the mystery  of the mind.

In the Uni5 model, ego is not only the Self destructive individual's enemy but also resrources exploiting, world's enemy too. It is a thug in the Self, rooted in flesh, bone and blood. It continues its rebirth again and again and takes the shine of God. It breaks the laws of life, fearlessly it judges others. It tries to control the whole universe, for sky is it limit. 

Please click here to continue to read briefly the story of Mahabharata.       

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