Our Inner Conflict

        What we are going to "achieve" through Sakthi Gita  is inner peace. This inner peace is not some thing which we have to gain. Inner peace is already  there in us  but  because of our inner conflicts we are not aware of it.  Only in brief moments of happiness we get a glimpse of the inner peace.  We then crave to maintain that blissful state and we think that "doing" something we can maintain that peaceful state. It is due to ignorance we are not  aware of the fact that Peace is our real "Nature".

           We are not aware that our real nature is peace or silence because  of the constant rambling noises in our mind. The  inner conflicts of our mind prevent us from being peaceful. Gita helps us  to over come inner conflicts by reveling  the agents in our mind  that cause the conflicts. Like a story it portrays  who or what  is involved in this conflict.

        We will understand that the conflict is between the "Ego" which is an attitude that denies the reality. The Ego wants every thing inside and outside of the way it want to be. It dictates its own rules  and wants everything to happens according to its likes and dislikes. It webs its own  "Matrix" world and want to rule that fictional world. Any thing that threatens its powers , it ruthlessly destroys.

The "I"  World

         Our predominant thought is the "I" thought. "I" want this, "I"  do not want this. "I" want this way and not that way. "I"  like and do not like that. "I" want her or him to behave and  talk in a manner that is pleasing to me. "I"  want things to unfold in the way "I" feel good about it. We will stop here because we are experiencing this "I"  thought every moment of life. This "I thought is referred to the Ego in Gita and all Vedic texts.  Having known about the "I" and the problems it creates we will see its connection to the mind and its affairs.

|The Mind and the Ego

          As we understand the Ego is an attitude born in the mind. To symbolically represent we can say that the Ego is the son of the blind mind. If the blind mind can be taken as a Blind king ruling over a kingdom called the body, then the Ego is the Prince. What is mind?. Mind is just flow of thoughts. Why is the mind blind?  Like a blind man who has no eyes of his own but depends on  other's eyes, the Mind  depends on senses to know what is happening inside and  outside of the body. Mind is just flow of thoughts and knows no direction.

             This Mind has hundreds of thoughts, but the predominant or the eldest thought is the "I" thought , the Ego thought. The Mind cannot think without the feeling of  "I" thought. So the Mind has a blind attachment or affection to its son Ego. Knowing this weakness of the father, the  son Mr. Ego,  grabs POWER  and makes the mind its own puppet. Look at the irony,  instead of the prince (Ego) obeying the King (mind) , the mind dance to the tune of the Ego. You can imagine though history,  the condition of a kingdom, which has a blind king serving his Ego prince.

          This is exactly the condition of our own mind and body.   How can the body (kingdom) be free of diseases and sufferings when our Ego is concerned only in executing its own likes and dislikes and not bothered about the welfare of its citizens. We eat unhealthy foods or use alcohol and drugs just for the Ego ignoring the damages it cause to the body. Isn't this hypocritical? 

         The Ego decides to experience a feeling which it considers great. The mind caters to its need. When the Ego demands this more often then it is called addiction. We have different types of addiction some in the form of habits like coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking, munching potato chips, eating highly spicy foods, eating too much sweets, craving for sex  and the list continues. Have you ever analyzed about your addiction or habits and who demands this addiction?  The body does not  crave for any of these "things". Then where is the craving or addiction coming from?

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