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Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Fermented Barley

Soaking Hulled barley (not pearl white barley) and then cooking it and then fermenting it with butter-milk or yogurt (best is Indian curd) is excellent for kidney problems and heat in the body. Do exactly like  fermenting  brown rice for best results.

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Many patients report to us that they lost weight , but became very energetic and and got cholesterol , triglycerides lowered using fermented rice and barley with  butter-milk (yogurt or curd without cream). Diabetes also got significantly reduced using the fermented red-rice and or hulled-barley.

Iranians have a saying, "What has disease to do with men who live upon barley-bread and buttermilk?"

According to Hartwell (1967–1971), barley is used in folk remedies for cancer (esp. of stomach and uterus), and tumors (of the abdomen). The seed meal is a folk remedy for cancer of the uterus, inflammatory and sclerotic tumors and gatherings, and parotid gland tumors. The seed flour is used for condylomata of the anus, tumors behind the ears, scirrhus of the testicles and spleen, and whitlows. Cataplasms derived from the seed are also believed to help breast cancers (Hartwell, 1967–1971).

Reported to be antilactagogue, demulcent, digestive, diuretic, ecbolic, emollient, expectorant, febrifuge, and stomachic, barley is a folk remedy for bronchitis, burns, cancer, catarrh, chest, chilblains, cholecystosis, cholera, cough, debility, diarrhea, dyspepsia, fever, inflammation, measles, phthisis, puerperium, sores, and urogenital ailments (Duke and Wain, 1981).

Other folk medicinal details are presented in Medicinal Plants of the Bible (Duke, 1983a). Barley grain is demulcent and easily assimilable, and used in dietary of invalids and convalescents. Pearl barley is form commonly used. Powdered parched grains used in form of a gruel for painful and atonic dyspepsia.

Barley water with honey prescribed for bronchial coughs, and with gum arabic used for soothing irritations of the bladder and urinary passage.



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