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Dec 2016

Oct 2016

 Healing Effect of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Lasts for a Long Time

Factors Secreted by Gut Bacteria May Help Combat Kidney Stones

Gut Bacteria Can Aid Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury, Study Suggests

Migraine Sufferers Have More Nitrate-Reducing Microbes in Their Mouths

Parkinson's disease protection may begin in the gut

Studying therapeutic stool transplantation (fecal microbiota transplantation)

Gut Bacteria Differ Between Obese, Lean Youth

Microbes Help Plants Survive in Severe Drought

Sep 2016

Parkinson's Protection May Begin in the G

Microbes help plants survive in severe drought

Intestinal Bacteria Influence Food Allergies

Young Children's Antibiotic Exposure Associated With Higher Food Allergy Risk

Gut Bacteria Affect Immune Recovery in HIV Patients, Study Finds

Newborn gut microbiome predicts later allergy and asthma, study finds
The Influence of Fat When Gut Bacteria Is Reduced by Antibioticsm
Aug 2016
Targeting gut bacteria to reduce weight gain
Shifts in the microbiome impact tissue repair, regeneration


Dietary compound linked to heart disease may be influenced by gut microbiome

Breast microbiome/bacterial differences identified between healthy, cancerous tissue

Hidden tooth infections may predispose people to heart disease

July 2016

Food Additive P-80 Impacts Mouse Gut Microbiota Promoting Intestinal Inflammation, Obesity and Liver Dysfunction 

Polysorbate 80 is a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier often used in foods (ice-creams) and cosmetics. 


These days fecal transplantation is no joke



Pomegranate finally reveals its powerful anti-aging secret - Good Gut bacteria converts them. (This is why we enforce castor oil cleansing for health).

Gut bacteria can cause, predict and prevent rheumatoid arthritis


Consuming probiotics promotes weight loss, reduces BMI

Diabetes Reversal: Changes in Gut Microbiome

Bacterial Colonies in Human Body Linked to Presence of Cancer in Mouth and Throat

The Role of the Gut Microbiota in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Induced Hypertension

June 2016

Beneficial Bacteria May Protect Breasts from Cancer

Link between gut bacteria, MS discovered

Childhood antibiotic treatments reduce diversity, stability of intestinal microbiota

A single species of gut bacteria can reverse autism-related social behavior in mice

War and Peace in the Human Gut

May 2016

Emulsifiers in foods effect health and gut bacteria

Children with and without multiple sclerosis have differences in gut bacteria

Three Lessons Gut Microbes Have Taught Us About Antibiotics

When Beneficial Bacteria Knock but No One Is Home

Twin Study Finds That Gut Microbiomes Run in Families

New Human Microbiome Research Tool: Gut Model HuMiX Works Like the Real Thing

Probiotics Stop Menopause-Like Bone Loss in Mice

Gut Bacteria May Predict Risk of Life-Threatening Infections Following Chemotherapy

People who regularly consume yogurt or buttermilk have a greater diversity of gut bacteria

Lifestyle Has a Strong Impact on Intestinal Bacteria, Which Has a Strong Impact on Health

Lifestyle Has a Strong Impact on Intestinal Bacteria, Which Has a Strong Impact on Health

Stool Transplants Better Understood

The Gut Microbiomes of Infants Have an Impact on Autoimmunity

Earth may be home to one trillion species

April 2016

Microbial cooperation in the intestine

Transfer of Gut Bacteria Affects Brain Function 

why seasonal allergies- Gut?

Mothers' milk and the infant gut microbiota: An ancient symbiosis

Gut bacteria could help prevent cancer

Worm infection counters inflammatory bowel disease by drastically changing gut microbiome

Early Childhood Antibiotics May Change Gut Microbes and Lead to Adolescent Prediabetes

March 2016

 Chemical in Antibacterial Soap May Disrupt Mix of Organisms in Digestive Tract

Healthy Gut Could Help Prevent Deadly Side Effect of Bone Marrow Transplant

 Is There a Link Between Oral Health and the Rate of Cognitive Decline?

Antibiotics Before Age 2 Increases Risk for Childhood Obesity, Study Suggests  (Contradiction)

Antibiotic Exposure in Infancy Not Associated With Weight Gain in Childhood, Study Suggests (Contradiction)


Feb 2016

Sweet discovery in leafy greens holds key to gut health

New appreciation for human microbiome leads to greater understanding of human health

Jan 2016

Anti-inflammatory drug and gut bacteria have a dynamic interplay (these results prove indirectly why medications are to be taken according to the day and night time).

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