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Gut Bacteria News 2013

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                                December 2013

Gut Microbes Affect MicroRNA Response to Bacterial Infection

Treating C. Difficile With Transplant of Healthy Fecal Matter

Are Probiotics a Promising Treatment Strategy for Depression?

       November 2013

Fatty Acid Produced by Gut Bacteria Boosts the Immune System

Moms May Pass Effects of Stress to Offspring Via Vaginal Bacteria, Placenta

Intestinal Bacteria Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Japanese Superfood Prevents Flu Infection

New Explanation for Infection Susceptibility in Newborns: It Is All About Helping Beneficial Bacteria Colonize the Gut

Microbes in the Gut Help Determine Risk of Tumors

October 2013

How Bacteria With a Sweet Tooth May Keep Us Healthy

The Benefits of Bacteria for Gut Health

Fecal Transplant Pill Knocks out Recurrent C. Diff Infection

                               September 2013

Adjusting Bacteria in Intestines May Lead to Obesity Treatments

Gut Microbes Closely Linked to Proper Immune Function, Other Health Issues

Human Gut Microbes Alter Mouse Metabolism, Depending on Diet  (Uni5: This again and again proves our recommendation of eating fermented rice, an ancient practice throughout India which stopped from late 1970's)

   August 2013

Why Smokers Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking: Changes in Intestinal Flora

A Home for the Microbiome: Biologists Identify How Beneficial Bacteria Reside and Thrive in Gastrointestinal Tract

Lymph Nodes With Location Memory

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation as Effective Treatment for C. Difficile and Other Diseases

Breast Is Best: Good Bacteria Arrive from Mum's Gut Via Breast Milk

How Hormones and Microbes Drive the Gender Bias in Autoimmune Diseases

July  2013

Bacterial Blockade: How Gut Microbes Can Inactivate Cardiac Drugs

Intestinal Bacteria Linked to White Blood Cell Cancer

Intestinal Bacteria May Fuel Inflammation and Worsen HIV Disease

May  2013

Intestinal Bacterium Akkermansia Curbs Obesity

Jan  2013

Good Bacteria in the Intestine Prevent Diabetes, Study Suggests


Changing Gut Bacteria Through Diet Affects Brain Function

Gut Bacteria Could Play Key Role in Development of Type 2 Diabetes

 Specific Bacterial Species May Initiate, Maintain Crohn’s

 Immune System Compensates for 'Leaky Gut' in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Susceptibility

 Scientists Find Key to Growth of 'Bad' Bacteria in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

 Probiotic-Derived Treatment Offers New Hope for Premature Babies

 Infant Gut Microbiota Influenced by Cesarean Section and Breastfeeding Practices; May Impact Long-Term Health

 Prebiotic May Help Patients With Intestinal Failure Grow New and Better Gut

Intestinal Bacteria Protect Against E. Coli O157:H7

Probiotics Reduce Stress-Induced Intestinal Flare-Ups, Study Finds

Diabetes Is Characterized by Specific Intestinal Flora, Researchers Find

 Eczema in Infants Linked to Gut Bacteria

 Gut Bacteria Byproduct Predicts Heart Attack and Stroke

An Altered Gut Microbiota Can Predict Diabetes

 Breast Milk Ingredient Could Prevent Deadly Intestinal Problem in Preemies

Gut Microbes Help the Body Extract More Calories from Food

GI Tract Bacteria May Protect Against Autoimmune Disease

 Intestinal Bacteria May Fuel Inflammation and Worsen HIV Disease

 Gut Microbes Could Determine the Severity of Melamine-Induced Kidney Disease

 How Immune System Peacefully Co-Exists With 'Good' Bacteria


Parents Who Suck on Their Infants' Pacifiers May Protect Their Children Against Developing Allergy

 Stress Affects the Balance of Bacteria in the Gut and Immune Response

What's Your Gut Type? Gut Bacteria Could Help With Diagnostics and Influence Treatments

Mind-Altering Microbes: Probiotic Bacteria May Lessen Anxiety and Depression

Gut Bacteria Can Control Organ Functions

Healthy Gut Flora Could Prevent Obesity, Rat Study Suggests

Mother's Diet Influences Baby's Allergies, Research Suggests

Viruses in the Human Gut Show Dynamic Response to Diet

The Microbiome and Disease: Gut Bacteria Influence the Severity of Heart Attacks in Rats

Study Linking Gut Microbe Type With Diet Has Implications for Fighting GI Disorders

Diabetes May Start in the Intestines, Research Suggests

Learning How Gut Bacteria Influence Health: Scientists Crack Sparse Genome of Microbe Linked to Autoimmunity

Gut Bacteria Linked to Behavior: That Anxiety May Be in Your Gut, Not in Your Head

Bacteria in the Gut of Autistic Children Different from Non-Autistic Children















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