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Dec 2015

 Early-Life Exercise Alters Gut Microbes, Promotes Healthy Brain and Metabolism

Microorganisms in the Womb Set Stage for Diseases

Nov 2015

The gut microbiota can influence the effectiveness of dietary treatments

Gut microbiota regulates antioxidant metabolism

Oct 2015

Microbiomes could hold keys to improving life as we know it

Gut bacteria could be blamed for obesity, diabetes

Role Gut Bacteria Play in Body's Self-Defense (All these years we have been advocating that immunity is based on the good bacteria balance over bad bacteria, brough about by castor oil and gall nut cleansing. Modern science is now taking its baby steps in understanding this timeless  wisdom. Modern science was thinking immunity  is based on just the vitmain nutrients. The Timeless Vedic wisdon says five factors are involved in our immunity. Modern scien ce knows only two factors and yet to discover other 3).

Four Gut Bacteria Decrease Asthma Risk in Infants

Sep 2015

Probiotic formula reverses cow's milk allergies by changing gut bacteria of infants  (see  our Testimonials where we have shown several years back that using natural prebiotics like fermented rice we were able to help children reverse milk allergies).

The 'Pig-Pen' in each of us: People emit their own personal microbial cloud

Viruses flourish in guts of healthy babies 

Keeping gut bacteria in balance could help delay age-related diseases, study finds

Gut bacteria may impact body weight, fat and good cholesterol levels

Your stomach bacteria determines which diet is best for weight reduction

Microbiomes of Human Throat May Be Linked to Schizophrenia

Aug 2015

Microbiomes of Human Throat May Be Linked to Schizophrenia

Fish Oil-Diet Benefits Mediated by Microbes

There May Be a Complex Market Living in Your Gut

Gut Microbes Affect Circadian Rhythms and Metabolism in Mice

Prebiotic Dairy Protein Promotes Digestive Health, Holds Therapeutic Promise

Gut Microbes Linked to Major Autoimmune Eye Disease

Microbiome of a Woman's Reproductive Tract May Predict Preterm Birth

How Beneficial Bacteria Protect Intestinal Cells

Daily Changes in Mouse Gut Bacteria Moves With Internal Clock, Gender

July 2015

Probiotics improve behavioral symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases in mice

Depression Linked to Gut Bacteria

Dairy Products Boost Effectiveness of Probiotics

Role of Microbiota in Preventing Allergies

Diversifying Diet May Make Gut Healthier

June 2015

Decreased social anxiety among young adults who eat fermented foods (In our Uni5 sakthi schooled we have treated autistic and ADDH children to normalcy by giving not only fermented foods like rice but also other five elements of the Panhca Bhootas)

Microbiology: Gut bacteria cooperate when life gets tough

Toothbrush contamination in communal bathrooms

May 2015

Toddler temperament could be influenced by different types of gut bacteria

Possible Role of Gut Bacteria in Autism

Infant Antibiotic Use Linked to Adult Diseases

The Infant Gut Microbiome: New Studies on Its Origins and How It's Knocked out of Balance

April 2015

Facts About Our Microbial Menagerie

Immune Cells Help Good Bacteria Fight Bad

Mouth, Gut, Could Hold Clues to Liver Disease

Can Probiotics Cheer You Up?

Microbes Help Produce Serotonin in Gut

Intestinal Bacteria to Classify Disease Effects

March 2015

Fecal Transplants Successful for Treating C. Diff

Indigenous Lifestyles, Gut Microbes: Link Found

Gut Microbial Mix Relates to Stages of Blood ...

Soil Microbes Shape Grapes' Microbial Community

Gut Bacteria May Contribute to Diabetes

Bariatric Surgery: Gut Bacteria Affects Weight?

Infant Gut Bacteria and Food Sensitization

February 2015

Widely Used Food Additive Promotes Obesity

Gut bacteria distrupted mice get arthritis

Fecal Transplant from Obese: Big Weight Gains

Birth Method May Alter Infants' Gut Microbiota

January 2015

Gut Microbes: Strains, Not Just Species, Matter

Stress During Pregnancy and Infant Gut Microbiota

Gut Microbes Trigger Autoimmune Disease in Mice

Gut Microbes, Brain: Research Tightens Connection

Are Bacteria as Individual as People?

Deworming Programs May Have Unwanted Impacts

Bird 'Paints' Its Own Eggs With Bacteria

Beer Yeast-Eating Bacteria Aid Human Health

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