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  "Healing" Water

        While doing water therapy, instead of drinking water mechanically, if you drink water consciously for healing, there will be a greater impact.  Water is not an inert substance as is generally thought, it can absorb vibrations of sound, light, heat and other physical elements. Most surprising is that it can reflect human feelings because of its very subtle nature.

        Water's healing powers have been known for many centuries. Drinking water from certain cold or hot springs is found to have healing powers. Rituals in  many religions use water as an important part of the ceremony. Water is distributed as an offering in many religious and spiritual traditions. Does water really have power?

Recent study by a Japanese scientist  Dr. Masaru Emoto shows that water can reflect human feelings. This experiment can be reproduced by any one who can scrape out ice crystals from an ice cube and watch the crystal under a microscope before the crystal melts to water. He accidentally once watched snow crystals under his phase contrast microscope. He was fascinated by the beauty of water crystals.

Purity of water influences the crystalline shape of water crystals.

          In later experiments with water crystals, Dr. Masaru Emoto collected water from different sources and found that the beauty of the water crystals is based on the purity of water.

See the pictures below which show how water reacts to impurities. The picture on the left is a beautiful water crystal from an unpolluted mountain source. Water from a polluted river gives the distorted crystal structure shown on the right

  Crystal formed from Water with no impurities        Water with impurities

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Influence of sound on water

Dr. Masaru Emoto also found that the crystals are influenced by sound. He placed glass vials filled with water between speakers and played different music like Mozart, Beethoven, Tibetan sutras, Japanese Folk Songs, Metal music etc., and observed the crystal structure. The two pictures below show the effect of soothing Mozart's music in contrast to metal music.

Mozart Music     Rock Music

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Continue to read about the effects of electronic equipments on the water crystal structure.

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