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 Awareness & Water Therapy

   Awareness is the very core of life. We all know that. But the irony is that we lack this very awareness about things happening around us or inside us. This leads to problems in life. We waste a great deal of time because of lack of awareness.

What is awareness?

      It cannot be defined. It seems to be a thought. But it is not thought. We will discuss about this in Space section. Here,  let us take awareness as "To be in the present". We are never in the present. Our mind likes to wander; either to ponder over the past or to worry about the future. Sometimes the mind relishes past memories and sometimes it daydreams about the future. Even while reading the contents of the web site, the mind is thinking about picking the child from school or about the dinner party next week end or thinking about the sister in Australia etc.

       Seldom is the mind in the present. We totally forget the value of the present. We lose so much in life because of not being in the present. if we could  always be in the present we would achieve or accomplish many things in life. For accomplishments in business ventures or in your chosen profession or to excel as a student, the mind must be available to focus on current issues. Unfortunately, our minds are never available and that is the reason for our failure in life at all levels.

     Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift.                                                                        That's why it is called the present.       - unknown

Awareness - the key to all success in life

        The mind does not like to be in the present. It likes to wander. Since we follow the mind, we are never in the present. The intellect is the one that is closer to awareness. This is why people who use the intellect achieve success through accomplishments. The reality is that even these successful people stay in their awareness only for brief moments. Imagine if they could stay in their awareness-how much more they would accomplish in their lives!


           Awareness is the source of peace, knowledge, intuition, healing etc. How to transcendence to this awareness state is discussed in Space section. 

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