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"Healing" Water  2

Influence of microwaves on water

Dr. Masaru Emoto also found that the crystals are influenced by microwaves and radiation from other electronic equipments.  He placed a glass vial filled with water in a microwave and heated it and then observed the crystal structure. The two pictures below show the effect of micro waving on water. These  pictures show how radiations like microwaves from micro ovens distort the beautiful crystal of water.

  Crystal formed from Water with no impurities        Water after micro waving 

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Radiations from television, cell phone, computer monitors also influence the water structure. Now we can guess how the cells in our body would behave when we are exposed to such radiations. Try to expose yourself to these radiations to the minimum.

Water amazingly reflects our thoughts.

        The best part of Dr. Emoto's work was to prove the ability of water to reflect human emotions. Water not only absorbs subtle light and sound vibrations but also reflects our thought vibrations. Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote words like “ Thank You", "You Fool", "Lets Do it" and also commands like "Do It!" on a paper and stuck to different bottles containing water. This water was then crystallized, which showed impact of the words on the water on which they were written.

See the pictures below to view the difference in "Request" vs. "order"

Water crystal formed when "requested"    Water crystal formed when "ordered"

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Similarly vials containing water were labeled with different tags containing words with positive vibrations and negative vibrations.

Words with positive vibrations like "Wisdom" in contrast to negative words like "Fool" are seen below.

 Water with the word "Wisdom"                           Water with the word "Fool"

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These experiments clearly show that it is not the word but the thoughts of positive and negative that influences the crystal structure of water. The power of negative thoughts is that they can even convert pure water crystal  into amorphous (no form)  impure state.

If our thoughts can influence water in a small vial, then think how much our thoughts would influence our body which is more than 73% water.

      We will now discuss more about the influence of positive thoughts on water crystals.

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