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"Healing" Water 4

Effect of Prayer on Water

Prayer is a positive thought rendered upon to get a positive effect. Even scientific studies shows that prayer has a dramatic influence on our health and well being.  An experiment was conducted to see an effect of positive thought  like prayer on water on a larger scale like water in a dam (Tokyo dam).  Water was collected before and after the prayer and the crystal structure demonstrate the spectacular influence of prayer on water. One can see the spectacular effect of positive thoughts on water even in a dam.

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All the water crystal  photographs are taken from the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto's book “Message From Water”. 

The Full Benefit of Water Therapy

          From the water crystal studies we understand that water does reflect our thoughts. Vedic wisdom says that everything  in this universe is influenced by our thoughts. If our thoughts can influence water in a small vial, then think how much our thoughts would influence our body which is more than 73% water. Therefore  always have positive thoughts.

         Water therapy is a perfect means to develop positive thoughts because when we wake up in the morning we are fresh, our mind is calm and so when we start our day drinking water with conscious positive thoughts, our whole physiology will be influenced by it. This triggers the loop of the health-cycle.  When positive thoughts abound in our minds we naturally feel happy which is the state of perfect health. But that is not the end.

        We have to maintain positive thoughts which cannot be achieved by water therapy. The intellect has to then play a stronger role in dominating over the emotional mind. This is a gradual process and cannot happen overnight. Through practice we understand that by being aware of the intellect we can strengthen it. The problem is that many are not aware of the emotional mind taking over the intellect. For these people the exercise of daily water therapy would help them to initiate the process of awareness.

        Please continue to read about bringing awareness through water therapy.

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