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Water Therapy

The most logical, natural and simple medicine for all diseases 

Water, The Vital Component

Water is the most abundant element in our body. 73% of our body is made of water. This means a 200 pound (100 kg) person really has 146 pounds (73 kg) of water. Like the Earth which is three-quarters surrounded by water, the body is three- quarters water. So, quite literally, all the cells in our body are floating in an ocean of water. The water in our body, like the ocean is salty, containing different types of salts.

          We do not even realize the fact that this earth is identical to our bodies in this respect. All the five elements of Earth are present in the body. Like marine animals and land animals cells are present in the blood and in the organs.  It is fascinating to relate different aspects of the Earth to the body.

           Like the geochemical processes that occur on Earth, where the oceans regulate land temperature of different landscapes, water in our body distributes heat in the body. It is the vital medium in which all chemical reactions of the body occur. All the processes of our body occur due to enzymatic reactions. The zillions of reactions that occur in our body every second are promoted by water. Most of the reactions of the body either involve taking in or giving out of water. Just like the ocean is the medium for bulk transportation, water, in the form of blood circulates nutrients and hormones both within and between body cells.

        Earth is the only planet we know which has life  and that is because of water. Similarly we can live without food for many weeks but without water we cannot exists beyond a few days. Keeping this in mind, we will discuss the purpose of water for the detoxification of the body and mind.          

          Generally, people have the idea that drinking plenty of fluids is sufficient to replenish water in the body. The water that is taken along with the fluids are  adequate for maintenance of the body. But we are concerned about cleansing the body for health. 


There are three important buffer systems in our bodies, that make all the organs to perform in an optimum level. 

  1. bicarbonate buffer system
  2. phosphate buffer system
  3. protein buffer system

All three work similarly-- if they find themselves in a solution with a lot of free hydrogen ions floating around (an acid), they act as bases and suck up the excess hydrogen ions.  And if they find themselves in a solution lacking free hydrogen ions (a base), they donate their hydrogen ions to the solution.

Water therapy helps in detoxifying the wate metabolites and helps the buffer system.


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Dont miss to read the book - The fourth phase fo water by Gerald. H. Pollack


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