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   Ayurveda - A Branch of Veda

          Ayurveda is deeply rooted in Vedic thoughts. It is a part of the Vedas, the science of knowledge on health or "Ayur". This is why in Ayurveda, apart from administering  herbal medication, a patient integrates yoga and meditation in conjunction with spiritual practice as an ultimate solution. According to the Vedas, to be "spiritual" means to "enquire" and be free from concepts and wrong beliefs. The spiritual practices of Vedanta are deeply intertwined in Indian culture to give the double benefit of attaining good physical and mental health and also to accelerate the evolution of man. We started our life on Earth as single cell microbes and later  evolved to the penultimate - last but one- state of human body. This will be discussed  in detail in Evolution later.

           The final step, of course, is to evolve to the level of Pure cosmic Consciousness.  This can be achieved only when humans purify all traces of animal tendencies within them and recognize cosmic Consciousness using the human body and mind. Science teaches us that Man evolved to this human form using his intellect. It is the intellect that helped him to master his surroundings more efficiently than his animal counterparts. What is left is to master his own mind to the highest evolved form.       

          Therefore, in Ayurveda, an individual is not superficially treated for any disease. Disease is understood as a compulsive emergency step by the body to turn inward to the mind and eradicate all negative tendencies that hinder the evolutionary process. As a result, preventive measures in the form of health secrets were ingrained in Indian culture in daily life to attain sound physical and mental health. Sound physical and mental health is achieved only through strengthening of the intellect which then becomes conducive to further spiritual enquiry of life. 

              It is a pity that when Man is confronted with any physical disease or ailment, his immediate focus is an external agent or cause , ignoring the very mind that is the root cause. The word "Man" comes from the root word "Mana" which means mind in Tamil and Sanskrit languages.

We will start to discuss how the mind leads to diseases and how the same mind when treated brings peace to us.


Ayurveda the source of Homeopathy

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Greatness of Ancient Ayurveda and exposing the fraud in modern commerical ayurvedic medicines.

Exposed by Mohanan Viadyar.


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