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       You have come to us seeking suggestions for a disease or problem and we will do our best to help you. Sakthi Foundation does not want anyone to walk away with temporary relief. We are interested in helping you not only with the current burning issue or issues but also hope to make you self-sufficient for future problems. We want you to be able to take care of yourself self-sufficiently and prevent future physical and mental problems.  We are not profit motivated and that is why we want you to learn to be independent regarding any future physical or mental challenges. 

      Your freedom is our vision.

       In the following few pages we would like to bring to your attention as to why we get diseases of body and mind. You will find, in fact, that all diseases are directly or indirectly caused by the state of our minds. It is hard to swallow this fact but we will guide you to think about and analyze this fact.

 If you are impatient, go ahead and contact us for  relief from your problem but make sure you get back to this page and continue to read further for your "Self". Otherwise continue to read.

     Please do not just read the contents in the following pages. Think them over in order to understand them for your own benefit. Reading without thinking and reflecting is like eating food without digesting it. So please do not read casually or in a hurry  and get indigestion of knowledge.

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