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The Fundamental Problem

                  In the figure given below, we have tried to briefly summarize what factors give rise to health and disease. You are pretty much aware of these facts through various sources but the important fact is that you have not analyzed it thoroughly for this truth to sink deeply in your Self. Please go through the figure and contemplate how  thoughts, whether positive or negative, form a cyclic loop which ultimately gives rise to health or disease. The details of stress would be discussed in further topics.

         Terms like right or imbalanced thoughts, balanced or imbalanced lifestyle, the mind, the intellect will all be discussed in further topics. One gets confused when finding a way out of the loop that causes diseases. It is even hard to find which aspect to start with first to correct the loop that leads to diseases.

          Equally confusing is to decide what to do when we have a burning health issue. The questions that usually come to our minds are whether we should adopt a natural, alternative medical system or go for quicker allopathic medical system.  We will discuss these  questions later.

         Let us continue  to understand more about the connection between the cause of diseases and thoughts of our mind.

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