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What are the problems encountered in pregnancy

If a pregnant mother follows all the healthy tips that is given in this web site, the chances of getting the following conditions would be very rare.

Those who do not take any pre-cautions in pregnancy,  might  have complications in pregnancy and in delivery. These tips are to help mothers who did not have prior information about these health information.


Positional sleep therapy during pregnancy may promote maternal and fetal health

Reducing supine sleep during late pregnancy may benefit mothers and their babies
August 31, 2018 American Academy of Sleep Medicine 
A new study suggests that an intervention to reduce supine sleep in late pregnancy may promote maternal and fetal health.  According to the authors, most pregnant women spend about 25 percent of their sleep time in the supine position, which may be a risk factor for stillbirth and low birth weight. This relationship may be due in part to an exacerbation of sleep-disordered breathing and deprivation of oxygen to the fetus when sleeping on the back. While positional therapy is a well-accepted way to reduce supine sleep time and increase side-sleeping in adults with sleep-disordered breathing, no prior studies have examined its use in pregnant women. - Ancient wisdom proved again correct.

 Lower abdomen pain during pregnancy or bleeding or spotting: : Kurunthoti ver kashayam. Break the kurunthoti ver into pieces, make kashayam along with Saranaver and sukku.Starting from seventh month onwards - weekly twice, eightth month weekly thrice and nineth month every alternate case of inavailablity of the above herbs,  Roast 1/4 teaspoon of organic jeeragam and add to half glass of water. Do this for 3-4 days and stop  

Exercise and Lymphatic circulation

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