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Cancer News-2015

Turmeric-smart-kill-properties-put-chemo-radiation-shame (In our Uni5 treatment we use organic turmeric, now science study shows it kills asymmetry division of cancer stem cells. This means Turmeric has minimum effect on Normal stem cells and maximum effect on Cancer stem cells. 
  All these years cancer was superficially treating cancer cells and not cancer stem cells.  Cancer cells die off with chemo but the seeds (Cancer stem cells) produce again cancer cells.

In Jan 2015, science understood that these cancer stem cells are formed due to bad luck. This is why Uni5 focusses on Luck Energy. 

 More and more research prove that the effective way of cancer treatment is offering a treatment at all the five levels of Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. For the past 25 years we have been helping cancer patients very successfully with this approach.

We are suggesting using Turmeric (with balck pepper) chanted with Lalitha sahasranam and Devi Mahatmyam to energize it. 
our method is at

Oct 2015

Rising cancer rates in low, middle income countries threaten economic stability

Sep 2015

Natural compound could reduce breast cancer risk in some women

Cancer preventative surgery could become a thing of the past, new research suggests

July 2015

Common chemicals may act together to increase cancer risk, study finds

June 2015

Stress Hormones Could Undermine Breast Cancer Therapy

May 2015

Negative Impact of False Breast Cancer Alarm

Stress Relief Techniques Help Cancer Patients Overcome Fear of Treatment

April 2015

Too Many Dietary Supplements Ups Cancer Risk?

Overnight Fasting May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

March 2015

Popular Soda Ingredient Ups Cancer Risk

February 2015

Organic Food Reduces Pesticide Exposure

One in Two People in the UK Will Get Cancer

January 2015

Social Interactions of Cancer Cells: Game Theory?

How Cancer Turns Good Cells to the Dark Side

Citrus Scent Inhibits Liver Cancer (lemon leaves in butter milk was a regular drink in kerala because it not only prevents cancer, but will allow good gut bacteria for good health)

Tumors Tough for Nanoparticle Cancer Drugs

Colon Cancer: Less Surgery, Better Survival

Many Who Get Hysterectomy May Not Need It

Random Mutations: Predominant Role in Cancer  (Bad Luck and cancer)

All this time cancer research scientists said, cancer is a genetic disease and food, environmental pollution and life style practices  damaging our genes contribute to cancer. However a shocking research conclusion from a  leading Oncologist at John Hopkins published in january 6th 2015 in a science journal was that all these factors are only 1/3rd (33%) of the cause for cancer. While the actual cause (2/3rd or 67%) was due to bad luck.

This conclusion is shocking for the modern world, while was found 1000's of years back by the ancient scientists (Rishi's) in Bharath. Out of five factors for any disease including cancer, luck or Bhagya Sakthi (Luck-Energy) is the major factor. This Bhagya sakthi is the invisible hereditary factor which could be generated if we are short of it. Unfortunately with foreign invasion, this Luck-generating factor was ridiculed as "religious-superstition" and the current Indians do not follow it.

In our  Uni5 Pancha Bhoota method for cancer we recommend all the five factors along with the Luck-Energy factor. If any of you have an open mind to use the technique without any religious bias, may contact us or read from our web site and make use of it. Many patients have followed this and had shared with us how amazingly they had less side effects while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy and also had high success in cancer treatment (with lowCancer recurrence)

By doing all the five elements you can lead a healthy and peaceful life, eternally.

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