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Health News-2014

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December 2014

Slimming Down: Weighing in On Mindfulness

Patients Given Less Blood in Transfusions Do Well

Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Radiation Too Long?

Another Case Against the Midnight Snack

November 2014

Spice Up Your Memory With Turmeric

Garlic, Broccoli Boost Fight Against Cancer?

Multi-Resistant Pathogens: Turning to Nature

Flame Retardant Chemicals Found in Americans

How Bile Acids Could Fight Diabetes

Curcumin's Health-Promoting Benefits

Diet Affects Pesticide Resistance in Honey Bees

October 2014

Neuromuscular Disease: Vitamin D Deficiency

Link Between Child Leukemia, Power Lines Reviewed

Tea, Citrus Products Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk?

How Lymph Nodes Expand During Disease

Cash Register Receipts Cause High BPA Levels

Sugared Soda Consumption, Cell Aging Linked

Energy Drinks May Pose Danger to Public Health

Fish Oil Supplements: Little Effect On Heartbeat

Bowel Cancer Risk Reduced With Healthy Behaviors

Grapefruit Juice Stems Weight Gain in Mice

Did Fruit Contribute to Apple's Success?

Plants: Stressed Parents, Stronger Offspring (click here for uni5 comment- )

Meds Main Culprit of Allergic Deaths in U.S.

September 2014

Can Turmeric Help Brain Stem Cells Regenerate?

Anemia: Acetate Supplements Speed Cell Production

Plants Prepackage Beneficial Microbes in Seeds (This is one of the reasons why sprouted mumg bean is given as prasad in Srirangam temple on Navarathri days)

Sweat-Eating Bacteria May Improve Skin Health (this indirectly gives the evidence for mud-therapy and also the importance of "puttru-mannu or the soil around snake grooves"

Diabetes Drug Linked to Low Thyroid Hormones

Insulin Resistance Lowered With Asian Diet?

Mesothelioma: Turmeric Spice, Cancer-Inhibiting Peptides

Each Day in Hospital Raises Risk of Bad Infection

Allergic Reactions to Antibiotic Residues in Food

Energy Drinks Can Cause Heart Problems: Study

August 2014

Fever's Origin Discovered by Researchers

Exposure to Toxins Harms Generations to Come 

White-Matter Deficits in Users of Cough Syrups

Common Chemical Exposure: Reduced Testosterone

Early Antibiotic Exposure, Lifetime Effects?

Mind, Body: Immune System Link to Mental Health

Babies' Health Starts Before Conception: Study

Injected Bacteria Shrink Tumors in Humans, Dogs

Common Chemicals: Reproductive Decline in Mice

Gut Flora Influences HIV Immune Response

Babies' Health Starts Before Conception: Study


Natural Light in Office Boosts Health

Some Birth Control Pills: Breast Cancer Risk?

Warning to Parents on High Acidity Drinks

Eating More Dietary Pulses Can Increase Fullness 

July 2014

Do Sweetened Drinks Impair Memory in Teens?

Six Reasons for Headaches in Kids

Cancer Therapy: Total Darkness at Night Needed

What You Eat May Affect Body's Internal Clock

June 2014

Are Medications, Supplements Harming Your Liver?

Food Marketing Can Create False Sense of Health (This is why we recommend reduce the use of processed foods, but use  fruits, vegetables , grains, seeds, nuts as they are and not in any packaged form).

Suppressing Inflammation in Rheumatic Disease

Gum Disease Bacteria Disarm Immune System

Newborns Exposed to Dirt: Lower Allergies?

Fasting Triggers Stem Cell Regeneration

Beneficial Brew


Ames test and mutagens, folic acid

May 2014

Link Between Antibiotic Use in Infants, Asthma

Grape Skin Extract: Answer to Treating Diabetes?

Low-Carbohydrate Diet Reduces Inflammation?

Lowering Cholesterol: Nondigestible Wheat Fiber

Energy Drink Consumption Linked To Bad Behavior

How Does Stress Increase Risk for Heart Attack?

Phosphate-Rich Foods: Heart Disease Risk?

April 2014

Painkillers: Irregular Heartbeat Risk in Adults


Daily Serving of Beans Cuts Bad Cholesterol

Green Tea Extract Boosts Your Brain Power

Does a Junk Food Diet Make You Lazy?

Morning Rays Keep Off Pounds (for many years we have linked morning temple walk exposing to morning sun and sun meditation has high health benefits)


Running, Cardio in Youth Protect Brain?

Watermelon Could Lower Blood Pressure: Study

Poor Sleep Quality Linked to Cognitive Decline

Diet Drinks: Heart Trouble for Older Women?

Erectile Dysfunction Reversed Without Medication

Chronic Stress in Early Life: Anxiety Later

Peaches Inhibit Breast Cancer Metastasis in Mice

Baby Weight' After Giving Birth Can Be Risky

Fried Food May Interact With Genes, Affect BMI

Fatty Acids and Heart Disease Link Questioned


Poor Sleep Quality Linked to Cognitive Decline

Fruits, Veggies: 7 a Day Keeps Reaper at Bay

March 2014

Low Saturated Fat Diets Don't Do What We Think?

Higher Levels of Omega-3 in Diet: Better Sleep

Vitamin D Deficiency: Immune Function Affected?


Old, Sprouting Garlic Has Healthy Antioxidants

February 2014

Can Citrus Ward Off Your Risk of Stroke?

Does More Stress Equal More Headaches?

Can Citrus Ward Off Your Risk of Stroke?

Timing Medicines With Body's Natural Systems

Garlic Counteracts Virulent Bacteria

Food Packaging Chemicals Harmful to Health?

Healthy Habits Pay Off in Long Term

Meal Times Could Have a Significant Effect on the Levels of Triglycerides in the Liver

Vitamin C and E Supplements May Hamper Endurance Training, Study Suggests

January 2014


Plant Compound Prevents Alzheimer's in Mice

Researchers Motivate Diabetics to Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

Large Amounts of Folic Acid Shown to Promote Growth of Breast Cancer in Rats


Daily Rhythms of Our Genes Are Disrupted When Sleep Times Shift

Quinoa Well Tolerated in Patients With Celiac Disease

Possible Explanation for Link Between Exercise, Improved Prostate Cancer Outcomes (fast walking)

Diet Beverages Not the Solution for Weight Loss

 Here Comes the Sun to Lower Your Blood Pressure (see our sun meditation that we wrtote years back is proven)

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