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Dec 2016

Weight loss surgery linked to gastrointestinal complaints

Acetaminophen, Supplements and Other Medications May Trigger Drug-Induced Liver Injury

A Handful of Nuts a Day Cuts the Risk of a Wide Range of Diseases 

Newly-Revealed Amino Acid Function Could Be Used to Boost Antioxidant Levels 

Short-Term Sleep Deprivation Affects Heart Function

Saturated Fat Could Be Good for You, Study Suggests

Gamma amino butyric acid accumulation in medicinal plants without stress (ginger and sundakka)

Diet and Exercise Can Improve Kidney Function in Patients With Fatty Liver Disease

American Death Rate from Drugs, Alcohol, and Mental Disorders Nearly Triples Since 1980

Lack of Sleep Costing US Economy Up to $411 Billion Per Year

Levels of Total Cholesterol, LDL-C, Triglycerides Continue to Decline Among US Adults

Even Mildly Excessive Body Iron Stores Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Long-Term Use of Postmenopausal Estrogen Treatment May Impair Kidney Function

Nov 2016

Common Food Additive Promotes Colon Cancer in Mice

Key mechanisms of cancer, aging and inflammation uncovered

Stem cells also rust

 High Number of Pesticides Within Colonies Linked to Honey Bee Deaths

 Largest Soda Companies in U.S. Sponsored Multiple National Health Organizations

 Calcium Supplements May Damage the Heart

 China's Emission of Toxic Fluorinated Chemicals Highest in the World

 Why American Infant Mortality Rates Are So High

 New Kind of Local Food Grows in Your Own Kitchen

Do Breakfast Cereals Contain Endocrine-Disrupting Pesticides?

Knowingly Taking Placebo Pills Eases Pain, Study Finds

Fruit-Rich Mediterranean Diet With Antioxidants May Cut Age-Related Macular Degeneration Risk by More Than a Third

Worked to Death? Study Says Lack of Control Over High-Stress Jobs Can Lead to Early Grave

Exposure to Chemicals Dangerous to Hormone Function Burdens Americans With Hundreds of Billions in Disease Costs

Toothpaste Significantly Reduces Dental Plaque, Inflammation Throughout the Body

 Exercise may help ward off memory decline

Personalized Nutrition Better for Developing Healthier Eating Habits

The Science of Spotting Fake Foods (Video)


food frauds

Diet and exercise may improve physical function and quality of life in older obese adults

Gardening as a child may lead college students to eat more veggies

Ginger, Chili Peppers Could Work Together to Lower Cancer Risk

Is Sufficient Sleep the Key to Successful Antidepressant Response?

High Variability Suggests Glycemic Index Is Unreliable Indicator of Blood Sugar Response


Pomegranate finally reveals its powerful anti-aging secret - Good Gut bacteria converts them. (This is why we enforce castor oil cleansing for health).

When undigested proteins are fermented by the colon microbiota, they can generate compounds that potentially are harmful to the mucosa.  (What Ayurveda once called as Ama or toxin is now proved with modern research).

1 in 4 Americans have diabetes (29 million) Govt reports and stat

Butylparaben can have several endocrine disrupting effects

Running barefoot helps optimize technique, reduces risk of injury, study shows

Children who watch lots of TV may have poor bone health later in life

Can Healthy Eating Reduce Diabetes Risk?

Little to No Association Between Butter Consumption, Chronic Disease or Total Mortality

Enjoying meals prepared at home: Short-cut to avoiding diabetes?

June 2016

Protecting Grapes from Pests by Boosting Their Natural Immunity (we always recommend children immunity should be boosting by cleaning pracices and not just giving tonics and medications)

No Association Between 'Bad Cholesterol' and Elderly Deaths

Children Consuming Sports Drinks Unnecessarily

Food’s transit time through body is a key factor in digestive health (This is old ancient ayurvedic doctors ask first about constipation to patients and treat that more than the disease symptom)

Compounds in parsley and dill help fight cancer, research shows

Mice fed more fiber have less severe food allergies

Diabetes raises risk of heart attack death by 50 percent

Millions Spent On Medicine That Harms Seniors

Barley lowers not one but two types of 'bad cholesterol,' review suggests

Copper is key in burning fat

Brainwaves could be the next health vital sign

What Foods Can Help Fight the Risk of Chronic Inflammation?

Can Plastic Program Your Baby to Be Obese? Chemical Used in Food Processing

Higher Potato Consumption Associated With Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure

Study shows how air pollution fosters heart disease

Low-Salt Diets May Not Be Beneficial for All, Study Suggests (These contradicting research comes when there is no holistic view). 


May 2016

Holidays in the sun hold key to boosting vitamin D, study finds

No Link Between Late Eating, Obesity in Kids

Junk Food Causes Similar High Blood Sugar Levels as Type 2 Diabetes

Pesticide Exposure Linked to Increased Risk of ALS

High Fruit Intake During Adolescence Linked With Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Foods That Fight the Risk of Chronic Inflammation

Meat consumption raises mortality rates, analysis of more than 1. 5 million people finds

Jury Awards $55M in Talcum Powder Cancer Suit

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases

China Pays Price of Western Lifestyle With Soaring Childhood Obesity

Vitamin Stops the Aging Process of Organs

Percentage of US Children Who Have Chronic Health Conditions on the Rise

Aerial Spraying to Combat Mosquitoes Linked to Increased Risk of Autism in Children

April 2016

How can regulators know which of the 80,000 manufactured chemicals pose risks?

Increased risk of coronary heart disease seen among women who work rotating night shifts

Watercress Extract Detoxifies Carcinogens in Smokers, Clinical Trial Demonstrates

Is Your Home Harming You? New Research Highlights Deadly Effects of Indoor Pollution

Problems in Fast growing broiler chickens

Antioxidants in Antidiabetic Drugs May Fuel Cancer Spread, Mouse Study Shows  ( dont confuse with healthy foods to pills)
Americans live longer but with disabilities or health issues, study shows

Replacing butter with vegetable oils does not cut heart disease risk

Fast food may expose consumers to harmful chemicals called phthalates

Is a popular painkiller hampering our ability to notice errors?

Curcumin May Help Overcome Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Exercise counteracts sitting time 

Western lifestyle spells the end of biodiversity 

Common Flame Retardant Chemical Disrupts a Hormone That Is Essential to Life 

Why Do Sunbathers Live Longer Than Those Who Avoid the Sun?


March 2016

Increased Vitamin C in the Diet Could Help Protect Against Cataracts

A Paleolithic-Type Diet May Help Reduce Future Risk of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

 Pros and Cons of Mandatory GMO Labeling

Remote Italian Village Could Harbor Secrets of Healthy Aging

Are We What We Eat?

Feb 2016

Iron in the Blood Could Cause Cell Damage, Say Researchers

Lifelong Physical Activity Increases Bone Density in Men

Jan 2016

Sugars in Western diets increase risk for breast cancer tumors and metastasis

Saffron-based crocin (medicinal compound of saffron) prevents liver cancer: Preclinical studies and beyond

Let hunger be your guide (Eating after being hungry reduces blood sugar)

High Blood Sugar Levels Could Lead to Heart Attack Complications


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