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Health News 2015

Dec 2015

Nov 2015


Eating more homemade meals may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Specific vitamin D levels linked to heart problems

Even a little is too much: One junk food snack triggers signals of metabolic disease

Oct 2015

Processed Meat Can Cause Cancer

Diet lacking soluble fiber promotes weight gain, mouse study suggests

Toxins remain in your clothes

New Treatment Extends Shelf Life of Bananas (these chemical treatments will have an impact on our body physiology and pschology, which is not now known. After years of damge, then we rectify it. Better avoid right away).

Calcium Supplements May Increase the Risk of Kidney Stone Recurrence

Study quantifies threat of rising antibiotic resistance on surgery, chemotherapy

High-fructose diet slows recovery from brain injury

High Dietary Fiber Intake Linked to Health Promoting Short Chain Fatty Acids

Sep 2015

Beet Juice Boosts Muscle Power in Heart Patients

Mice exposed to environmental chemicals may show decreased physical activity in offspring


Could the Bioenergetic Health Index Become the Next BMI?

Antidepressant was misrepresented as safe for adolescents

Birds that eat at feeders are more likely to get sick, spread disease

Fruit and vegetables aren't only good for a healthy body; they protect your mind too

Yoga improves arthritis symptoms, mood, study finds

Acetic acid, found in vinegar, shown to be effective against bacteria found in burn wounds

Study Finds High Prevalence of Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes in U.S.

Aug 2015

Could Body Posture During Sleep Affect How Your Brain Clears Waste?

Trans Fats, but Not Saturated Fats Like Butter, Linked to Greater Risk of Early Death and Heart Disease

Life expectancy climbs worldwide but people spend more years living with illness and disability

Millions of Plastic Particles Exist in Cosmetic Products

Glass of Water Before Each Meal Could Help in Weight Reduction

Lemon Juice Disinfects Against Human Norovirus

Pesticides: More Toxic Than Previously Thought?

Sunlight and Vitamin D: Necessary for Public Health

Targeting the Early-Teens for Extra Exercise Could Cut Diabetes Risk

Regular Consumption of Spicy Foods Linked to Lower Risk of Early Death

Get Up for Your Heart Health, Move for Your Waistline

July 2015

Know It's a Placebo? Study Shows the 'Medicine' Could Still Work

Anxiety Increases Risk of Gastrointestinal Infection, Long-Term Complications

Sugary Drinks Linked to High Death Tolls Worldwide

The Importance of Placebo Effects to Medical Care

Using Garlic to Combat Antimicrobial Resistant Urinary Tract Infections

June 2015

Consumers should seek a variety of fiber sources to get the maximum health benefits

July 2015

Stress Hormones Could Undermine Breast Cancer Therapy

Consciousness has less control than believed, according to new theory

 Diet That Mimics Fasting Appears to Slow Aging

 Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they're infectious?

  Heart Attack Risk Increases 16-21% With Use of Common Antacid

 Impact of Insecticides on the Cognitive Development of 6-Year-Old Children

Large doses of antioxidants may be harmful to neuronal stem cells (Here the antioxidant in large dose prevents other biochemical reactions that work through oxidation reactions. Hence too much of a good medicine (Amritha) is poisonous (Visha) and a poison in a smaller dose is a medicine (Amritha) says the ancient Bharath Science.

Nuts and peanuts -- but not peanut butter -- linked to lower mortality rates, study finds  (Here the concentrated peanut fat is aan overload for the body.  Hence too much of a good medicine (Amritha) is poisonous (Visha) and a poison in a smaller dose is a medicine (Amritha) says the ancient Bharath Science.)

Blood pressure medications can lead to increased risk of stroke

Vitamin D, Calcium Supplements Do Not Improve Menopausal Symptoms

Genetically elevated triglyceride level associated with protection against type 2 diabetes

May 2015

Increasing Dietary Fiber Reduces Diabetes Risk

High Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome Found in U.S.

How Vitamin E Keeps Muscles Healthy (In our Uni5 treatment we recommend to use black sesame seeds for muscular dystrophy disease).

You’re Driving Yourself to Burnout, Literally

Pancreatic Cancer Risk Linked to Weak Sunlight: Harm May Come from Low Vitamin D

Viruses: You've heard the bad; here's the good

Walking an extra two minutes each hour may offset hazards of sitting too long

April 2015


Intersex Fish Caused by Diabetes Drug in Water?

Sugary Drinks Boost Heart Disease Risk

One-Fifth in UK Still Not Eating Any Whole Grains

More Serious Diabetes Complications in Kids

BPA Exposure Affects Fertility for 3 Generations

Inadequate Vitamin E Can Cause Brain Damage (Taking raw sesame oil in idli-powder in south Indian way is good to give enough vitamin E. For children black sesame seeds laddu supplies vitamin E (see sakthi kitchen for recipes)

Medical Marijuana Liquid Extract

Treating Gum Disease Can Prevent Heart Disease

Tango Dancing Benefits Parkinson's Patients


Your Pain Reliever May Be Diminishing Your Joy

The Placebome: Genetics Meets the Placebo Effect

Cholesterol and Health Bad advice by Government

Serious Life Event as Child: Triple Diabetes Risk

Have a Pomegranate-Date Cocktail Every Day: Study

Bleach Use at Home: More Kids' Infections

Watching TV Daily Inreases Risk of Diabetes

Eyeliner Application May Cause Eye Problems

March 2015

Date Syrup Shows Promise for Fighting Bacteria

Lymph Nodes: Memory Immune Cells Screen Intruders

Adding Peanuts to a Meal Benefits Vascular Health

Eating Green Leafy Veggies Keeps Mind Sharp

Zinc Deficiency Linked to Immune System Response  (In India Zinc is used in cooking vessels as alloys Brass (dull gold color) is any alloy of copper and zinc. Bronze (Reddish-brown) is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin. Brass-pithala, pichala. Bronze-Vengalam. Bell-metal is a form of bronze, usually approximately 4:1 ratio of copper to tin. Kerala healthy cookware Uruli (vaarppu) is made of Bell-metal. 

Vitamin D Stalls Diabetes and Clogged Arteries

Men: Exercise Linked to Improved Sexual Function

Medical Expansion: People Feel Less Healthy

Low Vitamin D, Depression Linked in Young Women

Is Artificial Light at Night Making Us Sick?

Does Stress Undermine the Benefits of Exercise?

Early Hot Flashes May Signal Cardiovascular Risk

Nuts May Lower Metabolic Syndrome Risk in Teens

Heart Disease and Excessive Sitting Link ...

Semi-Veggie Diet: Less Heart Disease, Stroke Risk

Weight Gain from 30 Minutes Less Sleep Per Day

Onion Extract for High Blood Sugar, Cholesterol?

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Helps

Vegetarian Diet: Lower Risk of Colorectal Cancers

Vitamin D: Keep It In The Goldilocks Zone

Sugar Papers: Industry Role in Dental Program?

Salt Affects Organs

You Are When You Eat: Limiting Eating Hours

Healthy Eating, Exercise, Brain-Training Helps (The modern research is slowly adding factors that are needed for healthy life and proving the five factors secrets of Ancient Indian Science)

Want to Live Longer? Spend Less Time Alone

February 2015

Breakfast Habits Affect Metabolic Responses

Widely Used Food Additive Promotes Obesity

Type 2 Diabetes: Big Breakfast, Light Dinner

Saunas: Less Risk of Cardiac, All-Cause Mortality

Baby Formula: More Arsenic Risk Than Breast Milk

Highly Processed Foods Linked to Addictive Eating

Link Between Sleep Loss, Diabetes Explained

Licorice Extract May Protect Skin

Popular Soda Ingredient Ups Cancer Risk

A Good Night's Sleep Keeps Your Stem Cells Young

GNC, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens accused of selling adulterated ‘herbals’

Too Much Folic Acid Ups Kids' Diabetes Risk

Organic Food Reduces Pesticide Exposure

Brain Study: Meditation May Slow Age-Related Loss

January 2015

Earlier Menopause Linked to Chemical Exposures

Common Pesticide May Increase Risk of ADHD

Main Driver of Type 2 Diabetes: Added Fructose

Sugary Drinks: Early Menstrual Period Onset

Brain Inflammation, Depression: Link Confirmed

Long-Term Birth Control Pill Use and Rare Tumor

Even With Exercise, Sitting Ups Early Deaths

Beet Juice: What's the Benefit?

Knees Hurt When Climbing Stairs? May Be Arthritis

Exposure to Nanoparticles Threatens Heart Health?

Night Shifts Linked to More Risk of Diabetes

Vitamin Water, Energy Drinks: Little/No Nutrition

Curcumin's Ability to Fight Alzheimer's Studied

BPA, and Also BPS, Affect Embryonic Brains

Good Life Satisfaction Helps Bone Health

Sweet Potato Leaves a Good Source of Vitamins

Excess Iron Promotes Aging, Study Suggests

Human Immune Variation: Environment, Not Genes

Eczema Woes Not Just Skin Deep

More Whole Grains Associated With Lower Mortality

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