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December 2012

Sleeping Pills Owe Half Their Benefits to Placebo Effect, Study Finds

Multiple Media Use Tied to Depression, Anxiety

Men With Erection Problems Are Three Times More Likely to Have Inflamed Gums, Study Finds

Baby's Health Is Tied to Mother's Value for Family

Intestinal Immune Cells Play an Unexpected Role in Immune Surveillance of the Bloodstream

infants Learn to Look and Look to Learn: Model Explains Crucial Links Among Looking, Learning, and Memory

Digested Formula, but Not Breast Milk, Is Toxic to Cells, in Vitro Study Finds

November 2012

The Aftermath of Calculator Use in College Classrooms

Meditation Appears to Produce Enduring Changes in Emotional Processing in the Brain

Infants Mimic Unusual Behavior When Accompanied by Language

Humans Are Slowly but Surely Losing Intellectual and Emotional Abilities, Article Suggests

How Chronic Inflammation Can Cause Cancer

Antibiotics Disrupt Gut Flora in Infants: Recovery Still Incomplete After Eight Weeks

Gargling Sugar Water Boosts Self-Control, Study Finds

Bacteria Talk to Each Other and Our Cells in the Same Way, Via Molecules

Losing Weight, Especially in the Belly, Improves Sleep Quality

Reactions to Everyday Stressors Predict Future Health

Trickle-Down Anxiety: Study Examines Parental Behaviors That Create Anxious Children

Health of Kidney Disease Patients: Diet and Blood Pressure



October 2012

Summer Babies Less Likely to Be CEOs

Plant-Based Foods May Offer Reduced Risk for Aggressive Prostate Cancer

In Vitro Fertilization Linked to Increase Risk for Birth Defects, Research Suggests

American Academy of Pediatrics Weighs in for First Time on Organic Foods for Children

Crusty Foods May Worsen Heart Problems Associated With Diabetes

Exercise the Body to Keep the Brain Healthy, Study Suggests

Eating More Legumes May Improve Glycemic Control, Lower Estimated Heart Disease Risk

Academia Should Fulfill Social Contract by Supporting Bioscience Startups, Case Study Says

Dietary Supplements Can Cause Liver Injury, Says Hepatologist

Every Single Junk Food Meal Damages Your Arteries, New Study Reveals

Whether Mitochondrial Diseases Will Be Inherited Is Largely Decided When the Future Mother Herself Is Still an Embryo

Vitamin Variants Could Combat Cancer as Scientists Unravel B12 Secrets

Whether We Like Someone Affects How Our Brain Processes Movement

Mathematics Sheds Light on What Delays in Getting Pregnant Mean for Prospects of Having a Baby

BPA's Real Threat May Be After It Has Metabolized: Chemical Found in Many Plastics Linked to Multiple Health Threats

BPA Linked to Thyroid Hormone Changes in Pregnant Women, Newborns

Mom's High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Could Affect Child's IQ Into Old Age


Gut bacteria produces vitamin B12

September 2012

Social Bullying Prevalent in Children's Television

Identification of Microbes in Healthy Lungs Sheds Light on Cystic Fibrosis

Gut Reaction: Morality in Food Choice

Yogurt Consumption, Blood Pressure, and Incident Hypertension

Sesame and Rice Bran Oil Lowers Blood Pressure, Improves Cholesterol

Epigenetics: Mother's Nutrition -- Before Pregnancy -- May Alter Function of Her Children's Genes

Food for Thought: Do Family Meals Really Make a Difference for Child Academics or Behavior?

Agriculture Is the Direct Driver for Worldwide Deforestation

Spirituality Key to Chinese Medicine Success: Study Explores Why Chinese Medicine Has Stood the Test of Time

Exercise Does a Body -- And a Mind -- Good

Gut Bacteria Could Could Play Key Role in Development of Type 2 Diabetes

Monsanto Roundup weedkiller and GM maize implicated in ‘shocking’ new cancer study

Pacifiers May Have Emotional Consequences for Boys

Oral Bacteria May Signal Pancreatic Cancer Risk

When TV and Marriage Meet: TV's Negative Impact on Romantic Relationships

Longer Exercise Provides Added Benefit to Children's Health

Early Menopause Associated With Increased Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke, Study Suggests

Emotional Neglect in Children Linked to Increased Stroke Risk Later in Life

Protecting Ecosystems Brings Benefits to Society

Birth Is No Reason to Go to Hospital, Review Suggests

Music Underlies Language Acquisition, Theorists Propose

Food Supplements Have Little Effect on the Weight of Malnourished Children

Keeping Mom and Baby Together After Delivery Beneficial

Women Are Starting Families Later in Life Because They Are Spending Longer in Education

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Not Associated With Lower Risk of Major Cardiovascular Disease Events

Pregnancy Exposures Determine Risk of Breast Cancer in Multiple Generations of Offspring

Crows React to Threats in Human-Like Way

Risk-Glorifying Video Games May Lead Teens to Drive Recklessly

Placebo Response Occurs at Nonconscious Level: Findings Demonstrate Unconscious Mind Plays a Key Role in Pain Experiences

Babies' Ability to Detect Complex Rules in Language Outshines That of Adults, Research Suggests

Lights Out? The Dangers of Exposure to Light at Night

Want to Encourage Eco-Friendly Behavior? Give Consumers a Nudge (Don't Tell Them What to Do)

Fasting Makes Brain Tumors More Vulnerable to Radiation Therapy

Even Small Weight Gains Raise Blood Pressure in College Students

What's the Main Cause of Obesity -- Our Genes or the Environment?

Skin and Immune System Influence Salt Storage and Regulate Blood Pressure

Work With Germ-Killing Copper Could Save Thousands of Lives

Child Abuse and Discipline: What’s the Difference?

Fathers Biologically Attuned to Their Children When Sleeping Nearby, Research Reveals


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