Health News 2020

August 2020

Vegetarian Source of Vitamin B12: Fermented ...

Heart: Targeting 'Bad' Cholesterol May Not Work

July 2020

Aerobic Exercise Could Have the Final Say on Fatty Livers


Antibiotics Use Early in Life Increases Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Later in Life

Stem Cells in Optic Nerve Preserve Vision
Students' Mental Health: Learn to Breathe
Forty Percent of Dementia Cases Could Be Prevented or Delayed by Targeting 12 Risk Factors Throughout Life

Lithium in Drinking Water Linked With Lower Suicide Rates

Neurons Genetically Programmed for Long Lives

Combating Incurable Viral Infections
New Regenerative Therapies

Wealthier Men Are More Likely to Develop High Blood Pressure


Plant-Based Diets Shown to Lower Blood Pressure Even With Limited Meat and Dairy


Turmeric could have antiviral properties

Exercising in Polluted Air and Blood Pressure

Brain Cells That Trigger Sugar Cravings

Fruits and Veggies May Protect Against Diabetes

Asthma and allergies more common in teens who stay up late

'Biologically relevant' levels of a fertility hormone are detected in human hair samples

Insufficient Sleep Harms Children's Mental ...
Researchers Develop Software to Find Drug-Resistant Bacteria
The Hair-Raising Reason for Goosebumps
Hot flushes and night sweats linked to 70% increase in cardiovascular disease
Stretching your legs may help prevent diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes
Giant leap in diagnosing liver disease
Exercise can slow or prevent vision loss, study finds
Why do arteries age? Study explores link to gut bacteria, diet
Universal gut microbiome-derived signature predicts cirrhosis
June 2020

Raw Milk May Do More Harm Than Good


Air Pollution's Connection to Infant Mortality

Repeated Head Impacts Associated With Later-Life Depression Symptoms, Worse Cognitive Function


People With High Cholesterol Should Eliminate Carbs, Not Saturated Fat, Study Suggests


The Gut Shields the Liver from Fructose-Induced Damage

Excessive Sugar Intake Linked With Unhealthy Fat

Eyesight Improved by Looking at Deep Red Light

Exercise Ups Benefits of Breast Milk for Babies

Air Pollution's Connection to Infant Mortality

Biomedical Researchers Get Closer to Why Eczema Happens

Working With Artificial Stone: Silicosis Risk

High-protein diets help insects to fight against blood parasites

Sleep, death and ... the gut?
Disrupted sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by promoting inflammation
Cholesterol levels dropping in Western nations -- but rising in Asia

May 2020

Food Processing May Remove Higher Fiber Benefits

Walking or Cycling to Work Associated With Reduced Risk of Early Death and Illness

Exercise Improves Memory, Boosts Blood Flow to Brain

Adding a Blend of Spices to a Meal May Help Lower Inflammation

Mindfulness training shows promise for people with MS

How to improve the pneumococcus vaccine

Scientists Eliminate Drug Side Effects

Dairy-Rich Diet Linked to Lower Risk of High BP

Walking or Cycling to Work Cuts Risk of ...

Army of Microbes On Human Teeth
Fatty Food: Ability to Focus May Falter

Drinking Sugary Drinks Daily and CVD Risk

Surplus Antioxidants Are Pathogenic for Hearts

Signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Detected in Womb

Excess Coffee Consumption and Poor Health

Celiac Disease Tied to Common Chemical ...

Genetic Role in Weight Gain from Birth Control

Plasma Medicine Research Highlights Antibacterial Effects and Potential Uses

Sex, Genes and Vulnerability

For Better Migraine Treatment, Try Adding Some Downward Dogs

Certain Foods Common in Diets of US Adults With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Nicotine Exposure Alone Leads to Pulmonary Hypertension, Study Suggests


April 2020


Plant Extract Combo May Relieve Hangover Symptoms

Berries, Apples and Tea Protect Against ...

How Bacteria Becomes Multidrug-Resistant

Diabetes Reversed in Mice: CRISPR

How stress remodels the brain

How Vulnerable Cells Armor Themselves

Veggies Linked to Lower Risk of Premature Birth

Celiac disease linked to increased risk of premature death

Compound in fruit peels halts damage and spurs neuronal repair in multiple sclerosis

Fiber Consumption Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

How silver ions kill bacteria

Novel role for dopamine that impacts gene expression related to cocaine abuse
A damaged fertilized egg sends signal that helps mother live a longer healthy life

Mindfulness Program May Benefit Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Early Bedtime May Help Children Maintain Healthy Weight

Gut Communicates With the Entire Brain Through Cross-Talking Neurons

Lifestyle Changes Could Delay Memory Problems in Old Age, Depending on Our Genes

Mar 2020

How Stress Remodels the Brain

Regular Exercise Benefits Immunity -- Even in Isolation

Experiences of Undesired Effects of Hormonal Contraception

'Natural killer' cells could halt Parkinson's progression

Brain or muscles, what do we lose first?

Commonly used mouthwash could make saliva significantly more acidic, change microbes

Higher daily step count linked with lower all-cause mortality

How bacteria form communities on the human tongue

How trans fats assist cell death

Too Much Salt Weakens the Immune System

Music as medicine? 30 minutes a day shows benefits after heart attack

Getting too little -- or too much -- sleep may be bad for the heart

Brain-doping produced by your own body

Nanostructured rubber-like material with optimal properties could replace human tissue

'Natural Killer' Cells Could Halt Parkinson's

Quality of Life Can Predict How Long We Live

Intermittent Fasting Helps Prevent Disease

Molecule found in oranges could reduce obesity and prevent heart disease and diabetes

Feb 2020

Eating a vegetarian diet rich in nuts, vegetables, soy linked to lower stroke risk

A promising new strategy to help broken bones heal faster

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