Back Pain, Ache, Spinal Injury

Back Pain, Spinal Injury

 I am describing here how I helped my mother heal her spine injury using Pancha Bhoota Therapy. This pattern of treatment also can be used to treat any health ailment you might have.

My mother had a similar experience in 2013, when she fell down near the steps in house.  Doctors said it had hurted her back and would take several months to recover. I immediately flew from USA, from airport straight to home, freshened up and went directly to see her in hospital. She said would you please for some days with me. I said, not some days, till you walk and say that you are alright and I can go, until then I will stay here. She said her she is 70 plus and would take time to heal. I agreed with her that the  doctors and the general public are correct that it would take several months to heal the spine bones for a 70 plus aged person. But if you listen to me, I can help you recover faster.  She said,  yes I dont want to be bed ridden like this, tell me what should I do.

I said I will give five elements therapy, the Pancha Bhoota therapy, the mother of all medical treatments. There are five steps in it. I will begin with your mind. 

I said , first you should be well rested. She said are you crazy, dont you see me that I am in bed ridden, what more can I rest. I said, your body is resting, but not your mind. I want your mind to be rested. Your mind is jumping out of the bed is is going home, to kitchen to the garden to market, to shop, to sister's house. I want that mind to be rested. She said I dont understand all the philosophy you talk.  I said, dont worry, just Like  you held me in your hands when I was a baby who did not know anything, and  just followed you wherever you walked, when I toddled, now, you follow my hands that touches your body.

Human Touch of body, the first healer:  I touched her feet with my both hands, without projecting the roughness of a man's hand. Gently pressed her both feet with the words, I feel my both legs and feel there is blood circulation, lymph circulation, heat circulation, air circulation and the space. I feel so relaxed.  I gently pressed her each toes with the fingers with the above five words,. After a brief moments, I moved my hands to her legs and with the feeling of touching each and every muscle, nerve, bone and cell,  gently pressed and uttered the same five words. Then moved to the calf muscles, the the thigh, then to the abdomen, hips, hands, fingers, her neck, then the face and finally the head and the crown of head. By that time she had fallen asleep. When the nurses came, I requested not to disturb her, but allow to sleep till lunch time. 

Around lunch time, she woke up and it was not suprising to hear me telling that she wanted to go the bathroom instead of peeing in the plastic cup given in the hospital for the past 43 days.  The nurse was angry at this crazy request. I told my mom to wait till the doctor comes. In the afternoon when the doctor came for rounds,  I told  him that my mom wants to try to go to the bathroom. He said it is not a good idea but if the patient feels better and comfortable it is okay. She held my hands and went to the bath room and said there was a slight pain.

Mind rest, next healer: Mind rest I again did the resting mind procedure on her body that afternoon. Again she went to deep relaxed well rested sleep. When she woke up I asked her whether she would like to take a few steps in the room and in the hall holding my hands. She did few minutes walking and then said it hurts her back, but she felt better than morning. I said dont strain, take time to heal. I told her is she can relax her mind like this and dont go out of the room (no wandering mind) and forget about the tasks she has at home, her spine will recover fast. 

But I know the mind cannot stay one second without wandering. The mind needs to grasp on something to stay at rest. So I told her to do chant "AUM Namah Shivaya", which means, I connect (Namah) to my Awareness (Shiva) with the help of Cosmic Energy in the form of the primordial Sound AUM.

But the mind is tricky, it will mechanically chant the mantra, and will sneak away secretly into its wandering habit. So I told my mom to take deep inhaling off breath as she chants mantra, with the feeling that the inhaled air goes to her spine. When she exhales she should feel that all the unwanted gases in her spinal area move out of her body. 

I remembered how she would make me the wandering toddler, with cooking utensils to stay foucssed  in the kitchen room while she was busy cooking. Karma repeats. What we sow we reap. My mom who used to give me positive words of encouragement when I failed in my studies, now got back positive words from me. Every hour, I told  she felt better going to bathroom herself and also taking short walks in the room and felt her back was getting strong.  

I told her as soon as she is discharged from hospital, I will give rest of the four elements treatment at home. Next day morning the doctor was amazed to see her rapid progress and told her that she improved becaause she was happy to see her son.  In the evening he told me that if she wants she can be discharged on the next day. So on the third day of my arrival ( a week in hospital), she was discharged from hospital and went home. The doctors earlier said she would be at hospital for a month. 

Connecting to food and medicines: On the way back home, I told my mom, now I will do the the complete Pancha Bhuta treatment. Next will be the Earth element of using right herbs and food. I stopped in an ayurvedic shop and got the herbal oils given in this link. I also had to collect leaves of moringa leaves, curry leaves, tamarind leaves, lemon (luckily there was a lemon tree in my neighbors garden).  It is very important in Pancha Bhoota treatment to understand that every object has Consciousness. I cannot simply go and pluck the leaves of plants. I have to ask permission of the plant and also address my Samkalpa (desire /intension) to it. I took a bowl of water and stood in front of the moringa tree and chanted a mantra for requesting a plant to heal my mother's spinal problem. Without giving I cannot receive, so I pour this water to you plant with gratitude and took onlly enough leaves for treatment.  I did this in front of all plants that I used in this treatment.

I understood that my neighbor was watching me and thinking I was crazy. I told him, how would you feel if I had taken the leaves without your permission. Similarly a plant would feel the same, but if taken with gratitude, it offers the full healing power of its medicinal property. I added, nowadays Ayurveda is not effective, because everything is done mechanically and will not give full benefit. They dont follow these real Ayurvedic wisdom. I later days made my own herbal oils with coconut oil, I made from boiling organic home grown coconnuts with chantings and boiled the herbs with chanting. Even the pain medication pills I gave with chanting to mom , which reduced the doasge effectively and get rid of seide effects and expenses. 

While grinding the leaves in the traditional stone grinder "AMMI", I chanted AUM Namah Shivaya with Awareness that the herbs would heal by mom quickly. When I added this herbal paste to the herbal oil along with coconut scrappings in the stove, I kept Chanting AUM Namah Shivaya and Dhanvantrhi Sloka to add the Cosmic Energy to make the medicine fully effective.  Read here to know that Sanskrit/Tamil alphabets have the primordial sounds, that make it powerful to generate energy.  

Different Energy Circulation in body- Healer: I told my mom that I will apply the herbal oil with heat and she will have to bear it, by chanting AUM Namah Shivaya and feel that she is healed quickly. I also chanted whent he hot oil was applied. After 30 minutes, I told my mom I will give her a hot water shower. I kept a chair in the bathroom and ask her to sit on it and told her I will pour slightly extra hot water on her. I told her to chant the mantra and also take the inhaling and exhaling breath will full awareness, focusing on her back. With chanting I started pouring water on her and also her back and step by step increasing the hotness of water. At one point my mom yelled, did you come from USA to pour hot water and kill me. I said Shutup mom, this is how you were given hot shower after you delivered me at home. This  is the intelligence of mid-wife of India who had the wisdom that a new born baby and a delivered mom cannot do exercise and increase blood ciruclation, lymph circulation, heat cirucaltion and air circulation which is the key for immunity against all infections. I am just doing that again to you.

Connecting to the soul through mind- Effective Healer: After the bath I dried her body and hair with cloth and she was totally pink due to the hot shower. I told her to rest in bed and sleep like a new born baby. She did. Meanwhile I cooked lunch for her by chanting and cutting vegetables and also while cooking , only with one thought, that she should recover fast. I told her that for the next few days till she recover, I will feed her with my hands.

 I saw tears drop down from her. I said why do you cry, shouldnt I be lucky to return with gratitude to my mother who did feed me with loving hands, who bathed me, who cleaned all the pee and poo I did in bed,  when I was a baby. These actions has surely touched her Consciosuness. I told her dont worry about anything at home.  I want you to be like a baby of this house for a few days till you are back to Normal. I did  all the house chores along with my sister and took all the tension off my mom's head so that she can divert that Energy for her healing. I told my mom that it is all Sakthi-Energy that matters. If you use the Energy that was budgetted for healing to thoughts, you will not heal. So divert all the energy to healing.

Energy Healer: That afternoon while my Mom was sleeping, I went to a Dhanvanthri temple to do Energy raising rituals for my mom as directed by Guruji Sri Jayachandra  Raj. For 41 days I made the preist to do poojas on my MOM's name because just praying to God is only a placebo Effect. What needs is God's Energy for functioning in this Material Energy world. Either we should have done good actions and have it abundantly, or generate it if we are short of it. This is the logic behind Vedic science and Vedic temples of Bharath India. 

Amazingly in the next few days all her pain medications were stopped, she started walking initially holding hands, then on her own. The neighbors told me that they cant believe that the lady was taken to hospital in an ambulance is walking in less than 10 days. I said it is not because of me, but by connecting to the five elements of nature, which should be protected from pollution, otherwise we will not survive. 

Summary of five elements in this treatment

Earth Element: The  food and herbs given to her with chantings. I also gave chutneys to strengthen her liver as given in this link. Nourishing body with food Energy is first vital part of healing. The same chantings we did when my wife gave birth to our son at home in Iowa, USA in 2001. With chantings power, really medicines , doctors and hospitals are needed minimal.  Organic food  grown with chantings and eaten with chanting is the real medicinal knolwedge of Bharath India's contribution to the world. 

Water Element: I  made her drink in the monring water almost 1.5 liters with ginger, corriander seeds, Tulsi, alternatingly. Cleansing is an integral part of healing to remove all the blocks for healing Energy to act on.  Triphala was also given in night as part of cleansing

Pancha Bhoota fiveFire Element: Yoga allows Blood (Earth) circulation, Lymph (water) circulation, Heat (fire) circulation, Air (Prana) circulation and Connecting to the Cosmic En

ergy (Space).  Since she cannot do that massage and hot water shower was used.  These circulations are vital for healing. 

Air Element: The simple breathing exercise was asked to be done almost the waking time. In sound sleep in naturally ocurs. In waking time, our time is caught in junk thoughts and giveup deep breathing. This air or Prana Sakthi is higher than all medicines and herbs. 

Space Element: The chanting which she did, myself and my sister and dad did along with the rituals done at home and temples is very vital for health. Rituals charge us with the Cosmic Energy from which we are all made up of. Without Energy nothing can work, like a chargless cell phone. 

The most important in space element is charity. I calculated the amount of the hospital expense and total medical expense that occured for my mother. That equivalent amount I did as charity (gave cash to a non-profit organization), which works for community welfare. If you need energy, you have to do in exchange of  energy, like money. 

This is not a bribery to God. God does not need money, who is in unconditional form of love. However, his Energy form is conditional, which works on Energy conversion science - Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another. For health energy conversion, we need to transform that through charity in the form of money. In olden days, for every major actions of life  (health, travel, weddings, education, farming, profession etc) people did charity in an equivalent proportion called as Thulabaram or spiritual economics.

If they performed a wedding, they will give equivalent charity. If they build  a house, they give equivalent amount as charity. Not only kings did that, but also every common man. Through that life style, they could avert many major disasters in life or lessened sufferings in life. We have suffering in life due to lack of SAL Energy or luck energy. That lack of energy is because of less sacrifical (good) actions.

Instead of spending only on treatment, it is wise to do also on charity, because you get energy exchange for health recovery and also make your community a better place to live. This was how Bharath (Ancient India) had a prosperous and healthy happy soceity. Modern world has all luxury without peace of mind and happiness (only temporary physical body level happiness).

Modern society is selfish with cancerous and abnormal diseases, because there are very few sacrifices.  A healthy society is like a healthy body that sacrifices constantly. Our teeth is sacrificial in grinding the chocolate for the tongue to taste , though itself cannot enjoy the sweetness. However, indirectly the blood will supply the tooth enamel with glucose which is the fundamental energy source for cell's prosperity.

We often justify that we dont have enough to give for charity because we have poverty stricken stingy mind. I remember in young days, how much even in poverty my relatives would do as charity, even with scare amountof cash in hand.

That is sacrifice, Thyaga, which comes from the word Yagnya or fire ceremony, which is the conversion factor of energy (converts every form of energy into another form along with the involvement of heat energy). 

Through these charity deeds in life, we not only generate energy for prosperity in life, but also move towards bigger sacrifice (Ego), leading to Moksha or immortality. 

Na Karmana, Na Prajaya, Dhanena

Tyage Naike Amrithatva  Manasu

Not by action, not by position or wealth;

Sacrifice alone confers immortality.

It is sad to see that common public spend more time in hospitals and treatment, just relying only on medicines, which is only the Earth element.. To effectively pick up anything, five fingers are needed. So is for effective health, all five elements are needed. This is the rationality behind Pancha Bhoota Therapy as devised by the Bharath Rishis. AUM Thath Sath

 Please read these testimonials of 1000's of people who got well with Pancha Bhoota method.

Diary writing in Uni5 centers - August 2015
Shyama Sasthrigal - ஸ்யாமா சாஸ்த்ரிகள்

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