Psychiatry Problem Cured

Psychiatry Problem Cured


Part 1 – Reason for the testimonial
This testimonial is about how the ancient Uni5 system can be used for solving any problem. Here I am writing about how my mom’s psychiatric problem was cured in a very short time. The purpose of this testimonial is to prove the fact that the efficient and the right way to treat any problem is by finding the root cause of the issue and treating it. The problem these days is that most of the people rely too much on medicines without understanding the fact that medicine is just one of the five things to cure the disease. Current Ayurvedic system is also not complete, which I will discuss later on how we tried these treatment methods which was inefficient because the medicines were prepared using adulterated ghee, oil and herbs. Here, I will discuss all the events that took place from 28th March, 2018 till 5th May, 2018. Almost 5 to 6 weeks how a huge problem that I myself doubted that I can see a result or relief within a short period was solved. I reached Kerala, India on 28th March 2018 upon hearing that my mom is not doing good and when I saw her, I immediately started to cry. She had become almost like a 95% mental hysteric person who was just repeating same things again and again of the traumatic experience she had undergone a week ago. So, here I am not saying that we should not take help of any medical system but I just want to convey how a holistic approach alone can solve the problem. I hope this could also help you.
Part 2 – Brief history of the problem
The psychiatric problem of my mom started slowly manifesting for 2 years when I found that she had been given too much of allopathic medications in 2013. She was put under strong BP reducing drug which decreased sodium levels in her brain and she had a fainting episode. And then again in 2013, I interfered and gave the holistic UNI5 treatment after which she recovered and did tremendously good. Earlier I had learned a lot of herbal remedies and the alternative therapies from my mom only. She had managed good health. But, since last 4 to 5 years, whenever I used go-to India, I had to spent too much time in helping others, so naturally I couldn’t stay at home much, although I used to visit India every 5 months. Earlier I used to stay with her for 10 to 15 days when I visit India every 5 months. But then as time went by, I had started staying at home for only 2 to 3 days. But my mom was okay with that saying ‘yeah, you help lot of people and so you could go’. But that was not the issue. I started to understand that my dad too, though I cannot blame him, like most of the people think that just by taking tablets alone all the problems will go. Instead of addressing the root cause of her blood pressure, he forcefully made her to avoid the herbal remedies given or the alternative ways and just follow medications given by Allopathy doctor. This is not wrong for some symptoms to go away, and also for immediate effect the drugs can be given. But it should not be taken for a very long period due to the unpleasant side effects. This was the thing I conveyed to them. But my dad and my relatives were more insisting that she should take medicines. Apart from that there were more issues which I am not going in detail. She started talking less to people around her, relatives and friends, and then she went into depressive state. Later she started talking same things repeatedly. I kept telling my dad and my relatives that she needs immediate assistance. But they told me that we should be taking her to a psychiatric doctor for which I said that won’t help because we know what is the root cause. If we don’t address that issue, it is not going to help her. Just taking psychiatric medication for depression is just going to numb more of her mental abilities. But this no body listened until another precipitating incident happened in the second week of March 2018.
Part 3 – Brief history of the problem
My mom also had blood glucose variations but it was under control for the past 20 years. But then again external influence of people saying that you have to take medication, she was forced to take sugar medications due to which her sugar levels was dropping too much and that is one reason why dementia was seen in her. But nobody listened to me with the aspects that I used to tell. So, then what happened was during the second week of march she had a fainting episode and I could understand that it was because her sugar levels went down in her blood. Immediately my dad and my relatives got panicked and called the ambulance, and took her to the hospital. There they put her in intensive care unit (ICU). When she opened her eyes, all she remembered was she was at home. Suddenly when she woke up, she was in Intensive care unit and nobody was around her. Since she was in a confined room, naturally she got scared and panicked. She didn’t know what was happening. Few minutes later couple of nurses came and they were strangers for her. She said they came and grabbed her chain, rings, bangles and earrings but she had no clue that they were nurses so she felt that she was robbed. And that added to her existing issue. I could understand from the pattern of her behavior what all would have happened there. After that she started shouting and screaming. After couple of days, when she was brought back to the regular room, she continued having historical things. My dad and other relatives said that she is normal and for the past 2 years, she is having memory problem, that is why she is blabbering. But then when she was brought home, it continued more intensely and she started scolding everybody using very abusive language. On top of that they were treating her like a mad lunatic patient but she was not so. Nobody Listened to her and she became more hysterical and behaved like she wanted to run away from the room. And even she had no energy. Two people have to lift her. She became weak and she started passing stools and urine in her bed.
Part 4 – Brief history of the problem
So, this was when my sister called and said that ‘brother if you don’t come quickly, she would be completely turned into a psychiatric patient. My dad and relatives had already taken her to a neurologist who did a brain scan and said the brain is shrunk and that is why she is having Alzheimer’s and she also had Schizophrenia. She also had bipolar disorder. For all these, medicines were given which actually worsened her condition. It is her disease that was becoming worse. Modafinil was given to put her to sleep because she was continuously talking without any break. She was also given cholesterol lowering drug which I didn’t know. They did not tell me and I didn’t know how long she was been given. Naturally it will create lipids to get lower and the brain is full of lipid things only and so these will definitely have an effect on that. On top of that for bipolar disorder, she was given an anti-psychiatric drug, Quetiapine, and then Donep (Donepezil) and Memantine for Alzheimer’s disease also. All these she was given and my sister said that only I could understand. Instead of symptoms getting lower, she is becoming worse. Nobody was understanding that and everybody were blaming me that had I taken proper measures two years back itself by taking her to a psychiatrist and given her medicines, she would have become better. So, my sister asked me to come immediately. That’s when I booked my tickets immediately to India and reached home on 28th March.
Part 5 – Commencing of treatment – Uni5’s fifth element
So, I had come with the plan that doing the Uni5 at all the five levels she will be completely cured. But after reaching there and seeing her situation, I felt it would be impossible to cure her even with UNI5. But still I was thinking to move in the direction, but no-body was favoring me especially my dad. Only my sister was totally in harmony with me. And my dad said you have to better listen to the neurologist. I have fixed an appointment with him for you so that you can understand what the problem is. So, go and meet him. Then out of compulsion I had to go and meet the neurologist. He was a very kind guy. He talked to me and said, ‘you know about the situation of your mom and I understand you are from US. Even if you take your mom to US for Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and bipolar depression she has, there is nothing they can do. Because plaques are formed in her brain and also the brain has shrunk and she has lost lot of neurons’. Then I asked so what is the strategy of treatment you have. So, the doctor said I have already given pills for her and for her entire life she has to take that. There won’t be any improvement. At least it won’t go worse. And that is the only thing we can do. There is nothing you can do. Before getting up I asked him, doctor what do you think about Ayurveda, Siddha or anything that would help my mom. He said, ‘I would tell my sincere advice to you. Please don’t waste time and money and effort in going to Ayurveda or Siddha. They also cannot do anything because her brain is completely damaged’. I said, ‘Thank you and left. So, when I came home, my dad and my dad’s brothers asked me what is your plan. I said I am planning to do the Uni5. They asked me that do u think it will help. I said, I don’t know whether it will help or not. But I have a different view. My dad said that Uni5 or anything else will not help because medicines alone can help her. Trying all these is just a waste of time and energy. But my uncles asked me what do I say. I said Uni5 has been successful for many years. And I have a telegram group of more than 1000 people who are all getting cured. My dad said that is just coincidence. It has nothing to do with the method. If they all sincerely followed modern medicine then they would really be cured. I said every case cannot be a coincidence. With this lot of discussion, ultimately two of my uncles agreed to me and told my dad, ‘Well, we all know that even the neurologist doctor said that nothing can be done for her. Only the present condition can be maintained from getting worse and not cured. Then I said, this is already worse. Nobody can live with my mom in this condition. Maintaining this state is not the only way, she has to be cured. Finally, they all agreed to give me a chance to try Uni5 method. Then I said I have a specific strategy for this. First thing is that I had to take her out of this environment for which they all agreed. My dad said he has no hope but since everybody is pressurizing him to help me, he finally agreed. Having got that, first thing I know with Uni5 is the fifth element, the space element, only with energy any medicine could work. I understand all of the friends have been praying for her wellbeing so that energy will definitely help her. I also sought Guruji’s help and after checking the Rashi and he advised me to do some energy rituals. I did that and also took some money and kept aside for donation. Then I started the other elements to be done for my mom’s treatment.
Part 6 – Treatment using Uni5 Method – Stopped Pills
So, the first step was to take her to the ayurvedic center. I thought, giving her massage would help, so I tried to give massage from her foot. 4 years back before this incident happened when I did this she really responded well and within a day or two she was able to walk when the doctor had told that at least one or two months she won’t be able to walk. With that experience I went and touched her feet and started to do massage on her legs. But there was no feeling for her. As if she was numb because she was constantly talking. And she was not aware that somebody was touching her feet or doing massage. She was constantly talking and her whole attention was in her mind. Then, I understood that won’t help. Something has to be given to her in ayurvedic way that is why I took her to ayurvedic doctor in Kerala, who was a very good doctor. In the center my dad and my sister dropped me and my mom there. They also wanted to stay back. I was very adamant that they should not stay back because I don’t want anybody’s negative influence that the things won’t work. I told the doctor to tell my dad and sister that there is no space in the center so only myself and my mom could stay in the clinic. Then they left and the environment was also very uncomfortable for me because it is just 2 to 3 bed hospital and a small ayurvedic center they have. There was only one staff who was a receptionist and the doctor was having a separate clinic for consultation. So, in this place, actually myself and my mom were only there in the whole building. It was little scary also and I was thinking what I would do if something went bad. I had to take the complete risk and stay there. My mom was continuously in this talkative and scolding mood. Her major concern was she was scared to go to the bathroom. Next was about food. So, my approach was to start playing songs from my laptop. As soon as she woke up, I started playing old Ayyapa music. I put that in loop mode which went for 16 hours non-stop. But she was not listening to that. The second thing was I gave her full freedom. At home everybody was forcing her to eat food, brush the teeth and take bath. What I did was, I started applying child psychology. Because in Uni5 schools that’s what I learned from Madheswaran that children have to be given freedom. So, what I did was when I woke up, every day she will say that I don’t want to brush my teeth. Nobody listened to her. They were forcing her. So, what I did was, I said, ‘No. we don’t need to brush’. Then she said, ‘really, I don’t need to brush. I said, no. we don’t need to’. And I made it as a joke saying that even huge elephants don’t even brush then why should you brush. She was happy. Then she did not want to go to the bathroom. That was the major thing because she was feeling that she will faint down or she will slip down and fall. That constant fear was there. Then I brought the brush close to her bed. Two people had to lift her and make her sit because she was very weak. After that food was given without any restrictions. I just asked her to eat what she wants. I gave her lot of fruits to eat. After many years she has been given fruits. Because in spite of me telling my dad and relatives, sugar has nothing to do with fruits it was not given to her. In fact, fruits are helpful for sugar patients. They kept on telling their logic from their doctors that fruits are bad. Because I had complete freedom, I gave her plenty of bananas to eat and Plenty of water to drink. She was drinking only quarter glass of water per day only for taking pills. Because already she was passing urine in the bed. So, they were restricting water. But I gave her copious amount of water to drink. Then in the afternoon I gave butter milk with ginger and other herbs. Afternoon, the ayurvedic doctor gave her massage. She didn’t like it. She was scolding the doctor and the staff who was giving massage with very filthy foul language and so it was very hard to give her that ayurvedic massage in her body. But that was the only thing we had to do by force. And the next thing is that after the oil massage in her head she was sleeping for an hour in the afternoon. Then I found a pattern in her scolding. That her scolding increased around 11 o’ clock in the morning and in the evening around 3:30 she will start for 3 to 4 hrs continuously. I just thought if there is a meaning in this pattern. So, I figured out may be her sugar levels were going low. I checked her sugar levels. They were less than 200 because she was in full sugar medications. What I did was, since nobody was there, I reduced all her sugar pills and gave her half the medications. I reduced the afternoon pills. Instead, I gave her more fruits to eat which is totally nonsense to others view. The next day what happened was she started becoming less aggressive and using less filthy words and that episode also started coming down. Then what I did was on the third day, I took even more courage to completely stop all her bipolar and Alzheimer’s disease medications. She was taking almost 12 to 14 pills in a day.
Part 7 – Treatment using Uni5 Method – Started feeling better
From this state onwards, I was amazed to see that she started becoming better. From the body level I had stopped the medications which I was really scared because she was already a psychiatric patient and on top of that if I stop these, what if it would increase then I would have nobody to help. But I took the courage and then went forward and stopped all the medications and what happened was slowly she started becoming better. Her tone changed within 1 to 2 days. She started to listen to music. She started to get up from the bed. I spoke to her continuously using positive and encouraging words like don’t be scared, you won’t fall, I am here for you always. Then she asked, are you sure you will be here with me always. I said yes. She then asked don’t you need to go back to work. I said, no mom for me you are more important than my work. Then she asked you don’t want to go back and be with your wife and children. I said, they can manage. For me now, you are only important. As having said that I was always holding her hands. Even when she was in bed, I will sit nearby. I used to take Phone calls only when necessary and constantly be with her. And only be attentive to her like a child and a mother. I became a mother for my mom. That was the greatest experience. Continuously giving her bath and taking her to toilet. Initially she was scared. Like a child, I would tell her some good things and say you are very good please come there is nothing to be scared in bathrooms. Look how good it is, you won’t slip and fall. It is very easy. But couple of times, she would accidentally pass urine and stools before entering the toilet. For that I would not scold or say anything. But she would feel very bad and say Oh my god, I am very sorry, I made you to do all this cleaning work. So, I used to say it is ok. When I was a baby, you used to clean my feces and urine, so now it is my turn. That used to make her quiet for some time. Those loving words and care and not scolding made a huge change in her mind. I used to clean and not hire anybody for anything. I thought I should do all these things during which I also observed one thing that her stools were intolerably smelly, fluid like and not healthy stools. Why I am saying these is because I knew that her gut bacteria were not good and that is when I started giving her butter milk. From this place, I took her to Coimbatore to my friend’s house Ganesan. There I also brought Vedic cow’s milk and butter milk. And also, there I started giving ayurvedic medicines that I had already made with the help of my friend Adhitya from north India. That I made them to prepare Brahmi Ghritham. Later I gave her Panchagavya, the five ingredients from a cow. That made a huge difference. After introducing Panchagavya, the stools changed and was amazingly different. Couple of times, she would accidently pass urine or she would drop the feces before bathroom. When I used to take and drop in toilet, I found very amazing change. It was like a 3- 4months old baby stools. It was very well formed. Yellow in color. Not at all smelly. I am specifically telling this because when the gut bacteria changes, the whole-body changes and that is one reason why we see huge change in behavior also. She was a person who wouldn’t even get up from her bed without the help of two people. Now she started taking her own steps.
Part 9 – Transformation with food, herbs and physical activity
Almost one week passed and the effect of good quality whole foods, gut bacteria friendly foods, the real Vedic cow’s ghee along with Panchagavya, the music along with positive words made a huge change. First, she would not listen to what we were saying but later she started putting Thala to the music. I started telling stories but she was not paying attention. One evening I changed the story of God Krishna to the story of his elephant (Guruvayoor Kesavan, a great devotee of Lord Krishna). He would bend his back for people to get on him but when the Lord is brought, he would bend his front legs. As soon as she heard this story, like a child, she would get attracted to animals and the devotion came in. She started listening like a child and said she gets goosebumps. Tears started rolling down her eyes and that’s when the real healing started.
The next transformation was, I motivated her to walk. Like baby step she took and was scared that she would fall. But the continuous positive words made her to take first few steps after a long time.
We then moved to Coimbatore to my friend's home of Ganesan. Thanks to him and his family who supported my mom keeping her in good spirits. He was also convinced that her blood glucose was going erratic due to long term medications.

My conclusion was that due to BP medications enough blood and glucose was not reaching her brain and so it was damaging her brain cells. So i started givin g her more fruits and never allowed the glucose to go low in her blood. I also decreased sugar reducing medications and started giving more fiber rich foods and panchagavya to reduce blood glucose.

Thanks to Dr.Madheswaran for UNI5 children materials of Montessori which was given to her and when we appreciated her on certain activities, like a child she was very happy. For the past few years my dad gave her complete rest thinking that’s the way to take care of her. But only when the people are given work and challenge, they become more confident.
Part 10 – Mom is back to what she was 2 years ago
When we returned home all my family members were surprised to see her transformation in just 3 weeks’ time. Not only she has become normal, people believed that she has come back better than what she was a year ago. They enquired about the ayurvedic doctor and medicines and so on. I had to then reveal all the facts that I did not give any of the medicines that doctor gave but gave her only massage. I had stopped all the allopathic medicines and cut down the sleeping pills dose to half. Panchagavya, molasses, Brahmi Ghritham, ghee (all from Vedic cow) is the cure for her along with the energy rituals and good quality organic food. If in case, I had not applied UNI5 in her she would have remained a mental patient forever. No one has time or patience in taking time to understand the root cause of any health issues. We all know and tend to treat only the symptoms.
Part 11 – Reach of UNI5
After this, the confidence in UNI5 has increased with my relatives and slowly started bringing their health problems to find a solution and it is a big success for UNI5. There are several things happened during this journey. I happened to meet a very genuine person Mr. Girish who helped me to get some herbs. I came to know he makes a good quality chavanprash which I gave it to my mom. Apart from other herbs, chavanprash also helped to improve her health a lot better. Week before my trip back to US she started doing all the household activities. Whether it is a child or senior citizens, they all have to be engaged in some physical activities. She started singing happily and watching old movies.
Part12 – Subham
Before leaving to US, I asked my mom “why were you talking to yourself and whom were you referring to as “she”?”, she said “when we are lonely, we tend to talk to ourself which everyone does, but maybe silently. When I don’t have anybody to share, I made a friend of me within me. Since I talk loud, others think I am in mental sickness” Hence it is important to understand the person’s inner being, instead of thinking to treat with medication. Initially my family thought she is missing me that’s why it has caused this psychiatric problem. But in real, it is due to loads of medication, avoiding fruits, fresh vegetables, insufficient water intake and her connection to God has come down. Bringing back those elements through UNI5, she has recovered completely. I am astonished to see, she would ask me the same question again and again since last year (showing symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s), but in those 3 weeks of my journey with her, I did not see that behavior at all. I did not expect that she could recover completely in such a short span of time. It is not just one factor but all the 5 factors in UNI5. Therefore, for any health problems instead of looking for a doctor or a treatment we have to use common sense. Just look for the root cause of the problem to address any health issue. I am definitely not against medication but it is not the only factor for one’s health and well-being.


28th March 2018 Night till Monday April 1st - Kodungallur

April 4th to April 10th - Ettumanoor

April 13th to April 17th Coimbatore

April 18th 21st Mathilagam

April 21st onwards Kodungallur

 Medications that she took which was stopped in Uni5 treatment

 mlodipine is an antihypertensive agent
 Modafinil is a drug used for sleep disorders like Narcolepsy
 Rosuvastatin - Cholesterol lowering drug
  Quetiapin - for bipolar disorders ... It's an antipsychotic drug
  Donep - Donepezil ... It's for Alzheimer's disease
 Mematine - it's also for Alzheimer's disease


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