Amar Seva Sangam

"Empowering the disabled citizens by establishing a 'Valley for the Disabled' as a Rehabilitation and Development Centre for the region and developing models for self-help initiatives by integrating the disabled individuals with the society for improved living conditions in the village. "

Amar Seva Sangam helps the Integrated School Education Project for the Disabled in Rural India. Please help rural disabled children in India receive the education they deserve!



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We emphasize that this Paypal option is used  exclusively for ASSA.
For any amount you will get a tax exempted letter from Sakthi Foundation.

 You may donate to Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA) work  through the Sakthi Foundation in following ways:

 1. By sending a check in the name of Sakthi Foundation, with "For ASSA -  in the memo line.  Mail the checks to Sakthi Foundation, 3709 Sun Lake Dr,Saint Charles, MO 63301.   Please include your e-mail while sending checks because it helps us to contact you quickly for questions.

  2. By wiring funds to the Sakthi Foundation; contact us via email info (att)  uni5 (dot) co .

 3. By transferring funds into Sakthi's PayPal account.  Clicking one of the buttons below will automatically earmark the donation for ASSA. (See above)

 4. You can make the bank to do Online Bill Pay. This means you tell your bank to automatically pay foundation a recurrent fixed donation amount every month. You can stop the payment when you tell the bank. Mostly the online bill pay is free of cost (no no third party fees). 

 Sakthi Foundation has account with

 Libertyville Saving bank,

 Fairfield,  IA - 52556. USA

 (please write to us to know more details)

 Please mail checks (if the amount is greater than 500 to avoid  paypal fees)  to 


Sakthi Foundation
1507 Lone Oak Circle
IA 52556.

 In all cases, you will receive a tax-exemption notification for your donation, from Sakthi Foundation.

 To learn more about ASSA, please visit

 About Sakthi Foundation

 Sakthi Foundation is not a religious organization, but a spiritual organization Spiritual means “Inner transformation embracing all beings as the expression of one's own Self". Sakthi Foundation uses all the donation funds to various charity works like the mother child projects, disaster relief, health, education, science etc.

Deductibility - Contributions are deductible -Tax I.D. Number-421512070, Exempt Since April -2002

 To know about the Tax deductible 501 c3 IRS status of Sakthi Foundation, please click here .

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