Education is a tool for inner change. All educational systems use different tools to connect the child’s mind to the knowledge that is imparted. However, career secured education in the minds of parents have pressurized educational systems throughout the globe to focus only on securing marks on a competitive basis, without focusing on the child’s inner connection to the knowledge. Since technology is vastly developing, the use of innovative technological tools to revolutionize the learning environment has become inevitable. However, if latest technology continues to emphasize still on the quantity of learning without connecting to the knowledge that the child learns, then it will

1. dampen creativity due to failure of grasping conceptual patterns,

2. force stressful memorizing methods,

3. by just letting memorize facts, it hinders connection to the inner Self, leading to the loss of  

   inner guidance, motivation, and the purpose of life,

4. handicaps the application of learned knowledge in our practical life,

5. undermines integration of the individual to the family and society, wiping away our responsibility to the society, leading to violence driven life.

 Uni5 system reminds the missed objective: Education should give independence to thought and action of an individual, however within an unconditioned frame of reference. In our current education system, we often overlook the most vital aspect, which is to connect oneself to the very knowledge one learns. The Uni5 system of education (UES) is designed by integrating values from the other educational systems like the ancient Vedic system, Dr. Maria Montessori educational system, and the ‘ABL Method’ for this inner-connectedness. In this system, the children understand in a deep manner that “what is outside (external) is also inside (Self)”, and “what is inside is also outside”. This completely connects children to “the knowledge”, the society, and the universe to their personal Self. A complete educational system thus integrates the aspect to be known, with the knower and the knowledge that is learned.

 Uni5 system reminds us the key missed objectives in the current learning system.

  1. 1.Recent educational systems focuses more on the mind-blowing discoveries and innovations that improve the quality of our lives, but it hardly connects the student to himself and does not make them understand the grand cosmic pattern, “that our micro-cosmic world is similar to the macro-cosmos”. Uni5 system addresses this micro and macro-cosmic connection in every step through a simple universal pattern methodology. The child minimizes memorizing because the child finds the universal pattern in everything.
  2. 2.Children are over loaded with fascinating facts in all the subjects. For example, in biology, they learn about human body functioning. However, they are not connected to the similar patterns of the mind. When the student understands that the thought processes of the mind involves similar patterns such as digestion, excretion, respiration, reproduction, and maintenance of balance, then he is enabled to connect knowledge not only broadly across subjects, but more importantly to himself. Uni5 system helps the child to apply the concepts of the body functioning to keep the mind (personality) healthy and happy. The universal pattern motivates the child to self discover knowledge within, leading to more creativity.
  3. 3.Most of the schools focuses on educating nice outside behavior, but not educating the student to accept situations as they come up and allow them to build the inner strength and confidence to act in a truthful, just, and appropriate manner by referring to his inner pattern. Through the Uni5 system, a child needs hardly any external guidance to find an easy inherent system that is in-tune with the external world. Since the Universal pattern connects the inner and the external world of the child, the knowledge is very easily assimilated in practical life.
  4. 4.In modern society, we are technologically connected to individuals far away, but remain in a virtual world, which lacks a true social connection with our fellow beings as an extended family. Through Uni5 system, children show social responsibility very naturally by tapping to their own inherent love, like a flower gives out its natural fragrance. The universal pattern helps the child to accept everyone as they are, bringing forth love to all beings in the society and at the same time take responsibility to bring changes wherever and whenever necessary.
  5. 5.The competitive force that gives stress to children is redirected in the Uni5 system internally, where the focus is in their inner connectivity of knowledge, leading to Self improvement and contentment.

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