Know thy Self Evident Truth

Science has helped us to understand about Energy, its various manifesting forms and its use and applications (Technology).

God is a religious term of a Scientific understanding of Energy that is not created, destroyed but only transforming from one form to another.

It would be helpful if you understand the difference between the God Consciousness and Functional Energy.

This is not a self-evident truth. It is the  unchanging real Self, that different nature of people searching and experiencing. 

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Most of the time we are aware of our body, our thoughts and our intelligence. Rarely we are aware of our Self. The life Energy that makes us feel alive is our Self. But we are seldom aware of this aliveness or "Being" because we are constantly thinking only thoughts. We are only aware of the thoughts and not the witnessor of these thoughts and so create a false image of the self.

 All this time you have an impression about yourself based on the thoughts you are thinking. Are you happy with what you are?.  Are you more than what you are thinking?. We help you to witness yourself through an out-of-box-thinking  effective methodology, to know the reality of yourself.

  What is the use of this witnessing exercise?.

 1.You could relieve yourself from your present and past worries.

2.Relieve yourself from your own mental stressful limitations.

3.Feel your immense potential, talents that you have never known within you.

4.To get a clear idea the avenues you can grow and improve your personality.

5.Experience eternal happiness in you.




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