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 Water Therapy 

"I Will Throw Up"
Initially you will feel slight discomfort in gulping 1.5 liters. Some may feel that they will throw up. However, the bottle method is the best. (see below for flavoring water to avoid nauseating feelings).

"If you think that you can do a thing, 
or think you can't do a thing, 
you are right". 
Henry Ford

Swimming in the Ocean
Everything in life is a practice. When we start swimming in a swimming pool, we fear  drowning, even death! But daily practice will help us to keep our balance and master the art. Once we learn the art of swimming in a pool, then we can swim in a mighty ocean too. It is the same with water therapy. Do not let your notions and fear keep you from attempting this wonderful way of maintaining health.

Flavored water

"Can I use flavored water?"

The basic purpose is to cleanse the body hence pure water with no other additives is the best. However, if one does not like the taste of raw water, you can flavor it mildly.

How to flavor water?
Boil 1.5 liters of water with the following for 5 to ten minutes and allow to cool overnight. Next morning drink the flavored water. The following is the amount you need for 1.5 liters of water or 1.6 quarts of water.

Flavors to use

Boil water with 3 or 4 cumin seeds;
Boil water with ginger (half the size of peanut); 
One basil leaf;
One mint leaf;
Three or four fennel seeds;
Three or four fenugreek seeds;
A tiny bit of camphor (half the size of a mustard seed);
A pinch of turmeric powder; 
One or two coriander seeds;
One seed of cardamom (not one pod); 
A piece of orange peel (tiny bit is enough);
Keep alternating with different flavors and enjoy water therapy. You can choose seven flavors and have one for each day. Or you can change once every ten days.

In fact, adding flavors might bring some additional benefits. These flavorings have medicinal values apart from imparting taste to water. Ginger, cumin and mint rectify indigestion problems. Ginger cures nausea and vomiting. For heart ailments one could use basil or cumin seeds too. Basil is rich in anti-oxidant chemicals. Most of these flavors have many potent phyto-chemicals and so protect the body from many diseases. These natural chemicals have been proved anti-cancerous and anti-oxidant in many scientific studies. However the additions to the water should be in   very minimal amounts. Do not do water therapy like drinking a herbal tea.

Please continue to read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding water therapy.

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