How to reduce the Causal body to Know the "Self" - Consciousness

         In the previous page we have mentioned about  the  impressions and tendencies (seeds) which we have to reduce to complete our journey of knowing the Self. These tendencies has to be worked (exhausted) out and is known as karma. The three kinds of karma are, sanchita, prarabdha and agami. Sanchita karma is the store of karmic debts from previous births; Prarabdha is that portion of one’s Sanchita karma that has to be worked out in the present birth; and agami is the new karma that is accumulated in the present birth that is carried forward into future lives. All three karmas vanish at the moment of realization since the person who had to experience them has just ceased to exist. In other words as soon as the "I"ness or the Ego vanishes all the stored impressions are exhausted.

How to exhaust the tendencies  or Vasanas?

     By strengthening the intellect, one can develop a filter to accumulate further impressions. When accumulation is stopped, then one lives only to exhaust whatever one has accrued. This is like taking care of the grocery in one's kitchen before going for along trip. The first step is to stop shopping and accumulating grocery items. When this is done, then one starts to use whatever is left in the refrigerator.

     Similarly if one wants to exhaust the stored vasanas , first step is to prevent accumulation of further mental impressions. Then naturally the stored impressions will be exhausted through the actions. All the five steps of Pancha Bhoota was initially oriented for health but has deepened the awareness of oneself. This becomes the initial step to work towards transcending the Ego and realize one's true self.

Step : 1

Using intellect pull the wandering mind to transcend to the awareness state.  Five steps are Pancha Bhoota will help in this aspect.


1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes the evolution as a Journey to the Source more vividly.

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