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Our Mission

Welcome to India Sakthi Foundation. This is not a religious organization. Sakthi means "Universal Energy" that is manifesting through evolution.

Our offficial Non-Profit charitable work started in the year 1998. The organization has 80G Tax-exempted non profit status and so all your donations are tax exempted in India. Sakthi Foundation has also been given 12A and FCRA approval to receive foreign funds and grants as well.

Our mission is to give Right-Awareness in all walks of life to lead a happy life. Our funding comes through public donation and give help to all being irrespecitve of nationality, sex, caste, race or religion or economic status. We are looking funds to several of our projects, benefiting the community (See top menu-projects list).

Our Sakthi Uni5 integrated Montessori Schools in three villages have transformed the outlook of life in many families.

Dr.madeswaran classes in several cities in CCC for conencting to culture is to restore the spiritual science of India for leading a happy life. These events are not religious events, but do use the symbols of Ancient Bhaarath Science.

Get Involved

Sakthi Foundation is involved in various projects for the benefit of the soceity of Individuals.

Please get in touch with us for volunterering  activities, which would make you evolve as a  socially responsible individual. By involving in these work, one evolves internally (maturity) to embrace the society as one own's Self.

All the members and volunteers work with the clear understanding that through the community volunteering work we live to evolve to the Awareness of a Community-Self, rather than an individual Self.

So charity work is not done for power, fame, recognition or wealth. Only through action at work, this intellectual understanding can be Self-experienced.

Joy is not in the end-result but in the process of doing the work with self-reflection.

Example, while helping for eradicating poverty in soceity, we Self-reflect on our own inner-poverty and eradicate it with bringing inner richness.

This highest Self-growth or inner-evolution is the motive behind our work. Our motto is to self-experience "We are all cells in one Cosmic body".


Please click below the video to see about Dr.madeswaran's work in Uni5 Sakthi Schools ( 3minutes)

A video clipping on Uni5 Sakthi Schools (3 minutes)


A video clipping on Uni5 Sakthi Schools (36 min)

Latest News India Sakthi

Current Needs India Sakthi


  • Materials for new Uni5 School
  • Please Help this challenged Girl.
  • Volunteers for Medical Camps
  • Teachers in Uni5 Schools
  • Helpers in Uni5 Schools
  • Volunteers in Web work

Help us to Help you

We look forward for your support in bringing happiness in all of our lives.

The support can be remitted through DD/ Cheque/ or directly to the Axis Bank, Papanaican Palayam Branch, Coimbatore -641-037. The IFS Code is UTIB0000090 ; the Beneficiary is Sakthi Foundation

Donations for other activities (with 80G)


Please send your full Indian address, phone number so that we can send the Tax exemption letter for your donation. Please visit us at www.Uni5.co or www.sakthifoundation.org

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