Learning Languages

Every language has a pattern. If children are shown the pattern in the language, they easily grasp it. In Uni5 pattern based education, we show the children that an Universal pattern exist in phonteics of languages.

The steps to learn language are to

1. Listen to the sound

2. Repeat the pattern

3. Read  and write

In Uni5 we show that Sound Energy also undergoes evolution, the same pattern from infinte knowledge to expression of variety of forms. Like there is always a seed, the seed of Bharath Languages is Aum. First this fundamental single sound (Pattern of Consciousness) manifest three elementary sound A , U, M. This localized sound (Awareness pattern), then manifest the 12 basic vowels , A, Aa, E, EE, U, OO...etc.

Uni5 AlphabetsAncient classical Tamil and Vedic Sanskrit are like father and mother (Sperm and Ovum) of phonetics. Sanskrit has the Bheej sounds and Tamil the body or ovum, which sprouted as many branches in the tree of languages.


Pattern of laying Poetic foundation in young children as small as 3 years old in Uni5 Schools.


Andhathi is a pattern in Tamil Poetry, where the ending word of a line become the begining word of the next line. This represents the  birth and death forming a cycle of events, which can be broken only if one understand the Energy pattern's Energy, here referred to as Abhirami. These stanzas are composed by Abhirama Bhattar In Thirukadavoor.

In Uni5 Schools the teachers do sing this to make children understand the pattern in poetry and the cyclic philosophy of life and energy pattern.




First song's last word will be next song's first word.
Song 1: Abhirami Endran Vizhuthanyae..
Song 2: Thunaiyum Thozhum Devivavum
Tripura Sundari Aavadum Arindhanmae
Song 3. Arinthen evarum Ariya...
பாடல்1. அபிராமி என்றன் விழுத் துணையே
பாடல்2. துணையும் தொழும் தெய்வமும் ....
திரிபுர சுந்தரி ஆவது அறிந்தனமே!

பாடல்3. அறிந்தேன் எவரும் அறியா


However for children we have taken this one unique stanza, where the ending of a line begins in the next line in one song.

மணியே, மணியின் ஒளியே,

ஒளிரும் மணி புனைந்த அணியே,

அணியும் அணிக்கு அழகே, அணுகாதவர்க்குப் பிணியே,

பிணிக்கு மருந்தே,

அமரர் பெரு விருந்தே.-
பணியேன், ஒருவரை நின் பத்ம பாதம் பணிந்தபின்னே.


English Trasliteration

maNiyE, maNiyin oLiyE,

oLirum maNi punaintha aNiyE,

aNiyum aNikku azhakE, aNukaathavarkkup piNiyE,

piNikku marunthE,

amarar peru virundhE!

paNiyEn, oruvarai nin pathma paadham


The last "Pinne" also rhymes the first word "Maniyae"....


English Translation of lyrics

You are like the precious gem,

Gem's  light indeed you are that shines as you adorn it

Adorning beauty you are,  and those who does not know it, experience life of pain,

Pain's panacea you are  for those immortals who surrender at your lotus feet,

 Feet of thy,  after worshipping,  need not I surrender to another, other than to your's.



Children reciting of Mantras in Uni5 schools arent  religious in nature?

Mantras with sounds of Bheej (Fundamental phonetics) have  a patttern and are very powerful if pronounced. They activate the brain and speed pattern based learning of language and effective  communication.  Dealing with these Bheej sounds are powerful like we deal with fundamental particles of matter like the electrons, protons and quark. How a flow of electrons in form of electric current can make inanimate machines to work, these Bheej sounds can make the animated brain to work smarter and efficient.

Look at the pattern of sound. AA , EE and AU (like in owl) are seen in the sounds reflecting the five fingers.

AUM HrAAm Angustabhya (thumb) Namaha

AUM HrEEm Tarjanyai (Index) Namaha

AUM HrOOm Madhyamayai (Middle) Namaha

AUM HrAIm Anamikayai (ring) Namaha

AUM HrAUm Kanisthayai (little) Namaha


They see the fundamental pattern in the sounds making them efficient is learning the deep secrets of sound and language consttuction.


Please read how these words are derived in more detail in Uni5 pattern.


Other resources:

 Malayalam English dictionary  https://ia801408.us.archive.org/6/items/englishmalayalam00tobirich/englishmalayalam00tobirich.pdf

Additional resources on World languages


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