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Irregular Menstruation

Click here to read in Running matters in Tamil . Click here to have it as a brochure  .   Balanced hormonal levels are critical for the well being of women. There are many factors like diet and lifestyle, to name a few, that affect the hormones. The liver helps to produce, through the sexual organs,  balanced amount of hormones. The liver also removes the used hormones from the body. This is detoxification. Our approach is to enhance detoxification thereby allowing the  fresh production of hormones by the liver. So, we focused on the liver in pancha bhoota therapy and this has helped a lot of women.

Water Therapy: Do Water Therapy daily with the flavors mentioned in our web site. This will correct the hormonal levels by cleansing the liver.  Drink 1.5 liters of water first thing in the morning, using mild amounts of flavors like sarsaparilla, ginger root powder, cumin seeds, coriander seeds,  etc.  for better results.

Earth Therapy: Fiber-rich foods absorb detoxified hormone products that are excreted through the bile. If there is no fiber, the detoxified product is reabsorbed into the system.  We recommend usingfiber rich whole grains like brown rice (remember to soak in water and cook), whole rye flakes (33% fiber compared to 20% fiber in oats), whole wheat flakes (28%), barley flakes (26%), millets likeragi  are very rich in fiber. In all ancient traditions, people ate different types of grains and millets.  Many of the readers might be unaware of their names.  These millets give different types of nourishment, detoxify the body and also help prevent many diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer etc. 

Powerful Food Remedies: 1. Cut a slice of Aloe Vera leaf. Peel off the green skin, and collect the white gel. Add one teaspoon good quality honey. Mix and eat this before breakfast. Doing this for three months completely restores regular menstruation. Many patients who failed to get menstruation using hormonal pills responded well to this medication.  In Sanskrit Aloe Vera is called "Kumari", which means 'young girl'. Aloe Vera makes a women youthful by regulating her hormones. Kumari-aasavam (Kumaryasava) is a very good rasyana available . It helps regulate the monthly cycle and tones the female organs. Of course, this preparation contains, besides Aloe Vera, some 38 other ingredients.

   The above 'medicine' in addition to the one given below restores regular menstruation, which is essential for fertility issues.

2.Combine a handful of organically grown black sesame seeds with one teaspoon or tablespoon of Palm Sugar or Jaggery in a blender.  Powder it well. It is delicious to eat. You can eat as a snack or at any time of the day. Make it fresh everyday. It takes less than a minute to make it. Do not buy ready made sesame-balls from shops. They are heated and nutrients are lost. 

Best high quality black sesame seeds for inducing correct menstruation and healthy mucous production for fertility is from

   Eating this everyday, except on menstrual days, will automatically regulate the menstrual cycle. This is for women who have delayed menstruation. This food combination helps to bring forth menstrual bleeding. Women who had complaints of delayed menstruation had their cycle regulated by this simple food recipe.        Sesame is also good for the uterus, hair and skin. It provides many nutrients especially vitamin E.

3. Yam Medicine:Take a few slices of elephant yam,  dry and powder them and sift and sieve this powder and store. Take 10 gms of this powder and mix it with a little honey, sugar or jaggery and eat it daily for some days.  Juice Therapy                                                                                                    

One Juice daily,  seven days a week: Drink these fresh juices, one a day and repeat the seven every week. It is easy. Just cut and put in blender with a little water and dates if needed, blend and drink. Dates increase the Iron intake of the blood.

1. Moringa juice, with or without apple or carrot. If you do not have fresh leaves, use dried leaves. Then boil the leaves,  one or two table spoons in one glass of water and then drink it like tea or blend with apple or carrot juice.       

2. Banana flower juice, with or without carrots.      

3. Wood-apple (vilam pazham) juice. The pulp of this fruit mixed with cardamom, honey and cumin seeds is a medicine for the deficiency of progesterone hormones.

4. Pineapple juice(Swallow or eat one teaspoon of turmeric powder immediately before or after drinking this juice).

5. Aloe Vera juice with carrot or plain.

6. Papaya juice (Swallow or eat one teaspoon of turmeric powder immediately before or after drinking this juice).
7. Pomegranate juice.

Avoid papaya juice on menstruating days.

Triphala Powder- Strengthen liver: Every night take one teaspoon of Triphala powder in 50 ml of hot water. (Please to find the link to buy this herb).

Liver -Tonic Chutneys:

Eat the following chutneys daily. One per day and then repeat them. All leaves should be raw and not heat sautéed. But you can add coconut, red pepper, or black sesame seeds or split peas dal and salt to make it tasty.

1. Coriander leaves chutney
2. Phyllanthus Niruri leaves chutney
3. Bringraj  leaves chutney 
4. Curry leaves chutney
5Coriander leaves chutney
6. Mintleaves chutney
7. Moringa leaves chutney or use Aloe Vera leaves.

Click here to see some model Chutney Recipes that you can modify to make the above chutneys.You can eat this chutney with pasta, bread or with rice.

    If you feel the chutney is bitter, then you can make it thick and shape into a small marble to swallow with water. Make small balls so that you do not choke.

    If you do not have fresh leaves, use dried powder as a decoction. Boil one teaspoon of the powder in one glass of water and reduce to half a cup. Drink it any time of the day.

Liver Cleansing: It is extremely important to cleanse the liver and intestines with Castor oil and Gallnut (cleansing) alternatively every two months.

Fire Therapy:  Less exercise increases estrogen levels.  Avoid being sedentary (more hours of sitting before computers or resting). Walk in the morning and evening.

   Yoga is very good, especially Surya Namaskar explained in the Fire Section of our website. It helps in improving lymphatic circulation and clears out toxins from the body.

Air therapy: Taking a long breath and relaxing every now and then reduces stress in the body. DoingPranayama 5 minutes in the morning and evening is also good. See here for free video links on 

Space Therapy: Similarly, relaxation  of the mind reduces stress.

Let us know after two months of following the above how this has helped you.

If you are planning for pregnancy , please do this charting for 3 to 4 months and send to us. Please watch our Fertility DVD or read the free PDF file and  then take a print out of the first page of this Doc file. Chart with symbols and colors, scan it after at-least three to four months of charting and mail it to us. The more the details , the better it will help us.   Everyday write the  observations of menstrual flow, the details of your mucus pattern (as shown in the DVD) , the ovulation day, then the days you had sexual intercourse, then again the menstrual days and the rest of the cycle. Like this do two to three months charting and mail or scan and e-mail to us. We will look at the charts and could see the reasons why you fail to achieve pregnancy and also give the best suggestions for you.

This DVD explains the method to heal many male and female infertility problems like irregular menstruation, failure to produce eggs and or inability to ovulate, ovarian cysts, PCOS, uterine fibroids, hormonal imbalances like high prolactin levels, miscarriages and many unknown causes.

Male problems are: low sperm count, oligospermia, azospermia, defective or immotile sperm varicocele etc.     

We are sure that this DVD will make a change in your life.


Herbal Medicine for Oligomenorrhea and Amenorrhea: A Systematic Review of Ancient and Conventional Medicine

Sesame a Treatment of Menstrual Bleeding Cessation in Iranian Traditional Medicine: Results From a Pilot Study

Effect of Muqil, Murmakki, Abhalin Polycystic Ovarian Disease associated Secondary Amenorrhoea: An observational study


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A single factor may be a biased view for the cause of a disease.

Several factors contribute to health is the Eternal Truth.

 Click on the links inside the tables for details.


   Uni5   Eternal  and  Universal
 Health Style
Five Levels 1 2 3 4 5
Elements Earth Water Fire Air Space













Internal Body Mind Intelligence Awareness Consciousness
External Food Water Heat Air Space

Whole foods


Juice Therapy

Liver Tonic chutneys


Water Therapy

Castor Oil

Gall Nut

Detoxification- Best

Exercise for lymph circulation for health and immunity like Yoga, walking, Suryanamaskar



Laugh Therapy

Food Proteins Carbohydrates Fats Vitamins Phyto-Nutrients
Food Type Fiber Rich Well chewed food Balanced foods Vegetarian Live fermented foods
Mind- External
Acceptance Yoga


Uni5 Meditation

PB Meditation

Increase SAL Energy
 Mind- Internal Transform Anger to helping nature Cleanse Out meaness with charity Cleanse out Pride with serving attitude Cleanse out Jealousy with compassion
Intelligence     Unbiased outlook - Seek the Unchanging Truth Embracing all beliefs - understand the results of action done under personal beliefs Forgiveness - Forgive and Forget to Give and Get
Awareness       Eco-friendliness - We are all connected in and out. So polluting nature is inturn polluting ourself Conservation of Energy - Avoid wastage of all forms of Energy, because inturn it is our own SAL Energy
Consciousness         Unconditional Love - The only Reality of this Universe


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Maruppathu udal noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give physiological effects)
Maruppathu ula noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give psychological effects)
Maruppathu ini noi varathiruppa ( A medicine is one that ensures prevention of diseases)
Maruppathu savai marundhu enalakum. (A medicine is one that ultimately grants Immortality)
-  Thirumoolar in Thirumanthiram (800 BC)

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In Ayurveda this medicinal combination is also good.

Kumarasavam,  Asokarishtam, lakshmanarishtam, three in equal quantity mix and then 30 ml 3 times a day after food is good. Use this for 3 to 4 months. Take Saptasara kashayam 1 teaspoon with warm water before food 2 times a day along with this.


Jaggery increased flies growth So good for reproduction n 

Semolina- jaggery diet improved fly output at F2 and F3 generation

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