August 15th - special mile stone in foundation's mission.

Sakthi Foundation

Namma Veedu Uni5 Infancy Day Care Center - Sendurai


August 15th, Independence day - 2015

For 10 days we have presented the concept of freedom and national flag with decoding the colors. Today we have invited Miss. Gunavathy. She is a transgender from Dindigul town who is being working as chief in new born infants department in government hospital. She is being noticed for her humbleness and dedication. She is very generous and accepted our invitation. She came promptly to the center and observed the environment.

She says, ''I have heard and read about schools like this in abroad. This is the first school I am seeing that too in rural area like sendurai. I ask the parents to put here for the better future of their children. People invite person like me for a cultural event and Sakthi foundation has invited me as a chief guest to hoist the flag and I accepted this with great thanking. I am also touched with the hospitality given by the staff team. I often wish to visit this center''

She hoisted the flag, addressed the parents and left. When we say Uni5 it is the cosmic unification of every being. So this day is very important in our history.We accept and recognize everyone in the society as a cell of cosmic body who have acheived some thing in life.

In Coimbatore Mr.Kandasamy could not come and our project manager Mr.SureshKumar hoist the flag and they too celebrated the freedom day.

Sendurai parents' feed back for June, July - 2015
Diary writing in Uni5 centers - August 2015

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