Coimbatore parents talk about their children's development - December, 2015




  1. Children are aware about physical neatness and better look of the place where they use at home and school.
  2. A child drew a big circle and said that he has drawn a sun and also spoke about uses of sun light with UNI5 songs.
  3. Many children ask to show the night sky.
  4. Children ask lot of questions and reasons.
  5. Very young children have learned to say sorry.
  6. Most of the children are familiar with many geometrical shapes, colors and textures. They are able to relate them with various objects in and around them.
  7. Development of good toilet and table manners is obvious among many children.
  8. Children happily share their center experiences with parents in evening and demand them to share the time for that.
  9. Domestic habits like brushing teeth, taking bath etc are good and children are independent.
  10. Children knew to replace the objects at respective places.
  11. A 3 year old child stopped his mother spoon feeding him. He said that teacher asked to use the own hand to eat as he is growing.
  12. Children like to do guest treatment at home.
  13. Children are bold and confident in having communication with third person.
  14. Children assist us at homes.
  15. Children teach many UNI5 concepts to us.
  16. Few children have learned to do Surya namskaram at home.
  17. Many talk about the various uses of various natural bodies like trees.
  18. New children have developed good team work and social skills.
  19. Children spoke much about Christmas, Christmas trees and Christ birth.

We expect the staff to ask for feedback about photo sessions and video sessions also.

We thank the team for getting a good – correct report under the guidance of Ms.Sumathy Sivakumar and Mr.Sureshkumar.M.

With wishes.,

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