Coimbatore UNI5 center - June 2016 , Report

Sakthi foundation
Namma Veedu UNI5 Infance Center - Coimbatore
Diary writing from June 27th, 2016

Role play - do not find fault with others and gossip

Real object - pomegranate

Energy - thread weaved into cloth

Uni5 - Physical features of a mountain and uses of mountains, we also showed the real mountain infront of the center.

Role play - do not find fault with others and gossip

Real object - scissors and its uses

Energy - how to make kaajal paste?

Tuesday Tulsi pooja, followed with UNI5 concept - Types of soil and uses

Role play - do not find fault with others and gossip

Real object - kuppai meni spinach

Energy - medicinal herbs - medicine

UNI5 concept - Types of stones on earth and their uses

Role play - do be be selfish

Real object - clay and objects

Energy - red soil - bricks

Thursday Ganga pooja

UNI5 concept - art and craft, carrot, peeling, parents' feed back for the month.

Observations of this month:
* A child compared the seed pattern within pomogranete and maize. [2.5 years]

* 1.25 year old infant is getting into regularity of center's activity. One day after S B Yoga he gave signal for karanyasam exercise.

* When we said மலை [maountain], a child said asked wheather it is rain? We said it is மலை.Then she said that mountain can give rain through its forest.

* A 3 year old child gave proper placement for another new child to take his snacks.

* Elder children can help the younger children in various ways. We need to encourage that.

* When we spoke about mountains, a 3 year old child said that mountains can have dens for lions to live.

* A 3 year old child said that like mountains we must grow trees in our homes.

* Children are getting familiar with various types of soils and uses.

* A 2.5 year old child said that water can be get through monsoon rains and we must save them for plants.

* The 1.25 year old infant showed us how rain water is entering into garden and watering the plants.

* The infant can bring the mat when there is a wet space and he can also listen and appreciate instrumental music.

* A 2.5 year old child compared the snake and train and asked how the stomach of a snake will be.

* A 3 year old child took saree and said that he will try to make Mathangi idol to have saree like teachers.

* A 3 year old child compared orange color fish with Mathangi's orange saree and said that fish enjoys that color dress.

* A 3 year old child said that we must prostate before flag post in all temples.

* We admire the perfect bathroom manners of a new child at 2.5 years old.

* When we were stringing the flowers a 2.5 year old child screamed saying ''haa all flowers now became a big garland!''

* Elder child teach younger child not to take any object from center to home.

* When center Ramzan namas was happening few children were talking and a 3 year old child corrected them and made them to observe with silence.

* A 3 year old child took the cow model and said that it has another name called ''aa'' [one letter word in Tamil] - aa - cow.

* A 2.5 year old child came very close to us and asked permission for toilet when namas was going on.

* A child compared snail's shell with turtle's hard shell.

* Girls are able to correct other girls dresses in order.

Shiva Sadakshara Sthothram
Poraiyar UNI5 center - Monthly report - June 2016

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