Diary writing in SENDURAI UNI5 CENTER - June, 2016

Sakthi Foundation
Diary writing in UNI5 centers
2016 - 2017

* Sendurai and Coimbatore

Diary writing in UNI5 centers [Sendurai] - 2016-2017

This day's report encloses Monday and Tuesday's work.

Dr.Pradheep Challiyill introduced the analogy about health care and mind care with apple fruit's browning reaction experiment. So this year twice in a week we are showing that to young children especially regarding food.

Role play:
Based on Ramzan month before Mosque and Kabba model at Mecca we have started the role play.
1. Do not be greedy.
2. When you are angry, don not abuse with bad words.

Real objects:
1. Papaya fruit.
2. Lock and key.

Energy conversion:
1. Electrical energy is being converted as light and wind energy in bulbs and fans.
2. Red soil - bricks.

Unique UNI5 child:
* Most of the previous term children who used to be alone in April, have developed good social skills with friends and they are also assisting the new ones to settle.

* Very young new children are exploring various objects, tools, models, toys, idols etc in the environment as they nurture their absorbent mind and they are not crying too much.

* When we showed the lock and key system a child of 3.5 years said that not only doors, even vehicles have lock and key system to be started.

* A 3 year old child brought the wooden cone from geometrical cabinet and compared with carrot.

* A child wore a shirt in which there was regular chain of triangles. Another 3.5 year old child saw that and said that his shirt has ''chain of mountains'' with proper terminology.

* When we did the weather chart, a 3 year old child said that sun is very hot and circle.

* New helper Ms.Kaneeshwari [our parent who lost her husband last month] has joined today and our team is training her. Now we have 7 adults and Sendurai team is expected for more perfection in UNI5.

* Tuesday Tulsi pooja was performed and new crying children also participated.

* Tiny infant books, idols are attracting very young children and they just touch and explore.

In Coimbatore they too have started their work. Dr.Madeswaran will be meeting the team on 24th June and updating.


Role play – do not become angry and abuse others with harsh words

Real object – mirror and eye glass

Energy – Cotton flower – cotton – thread – dress

UNI5 – From previous Thursday we have started EARTH concepts. We are now giving Earth is covered with water, water reflects the sky blue, earth has water underneath.

Unique children

· An elder child taught how to pray to Ganesha before entering into environment to few new children and offered a flower too.
· A 3 year old child compared his body parts with a lion model.
· Children like to sing songs related to animals and use the respective models.
· Ms.Kalaivani David [Our very first staff] is coming with her 6 months old infant from yesterday. All the best!
· Today a 1.75 year old boy child has joined.

Role play - Do not be greedy

Real object - jars made of brass, ever silver, glass, mud and plastic.

Energy - Wood - wooden objects

Thursday - Ganga pooja was done followed with art and craft [Origami]

Mr.Ripunjay's Panchamuka Hanuman Kavajam has been chanted through his voice recording.

Unique observations:

* Many new children take books and explore. They went into deep conversation which helped us to know their spoken skills.

* A 2.5 years old boy took all animals and compared the tail shape.

* We are documenting 5 months old infant. He is making lot of response towards musical tools and he was observing the mirror.

* A 3 year old child compared the spout of the jar with an elephant trunk.

* A 3 year old child took care of the infant baby and he showed many sound making tools from musical tray.

Role play - do not be jealous of others materials

Real object - tamarind

Energy - flowers - garlands

UNI5 - Indian states and Sounds [Sakthi Peetam]

Friday pooja

Unique observations:

* New children observed the Friday rituals carefully and sat very near to us.

* Elder children made many new ones to settle.

* Old children are well aware about previous syllabus.

* Very young children observe much.

* A 3 year old child took a book and reproduced Sanskrith sounds when we chanted shlokas.

After week end.,

Role play in both centers - do not be jealous of others

Real object in Sendurai - bubble cover

Real object in Coimbatore - sepangizhangu [a tuber]

In Sendurai they have conducted the first nature walk and they did not showed energy and other UNI5 concepts. The detailed report about nature walk will be given on Thursday.

In Coimbatore today only they have started their real UNI5 day. BUt they have documented the general observation and that will be posted on Sunday.

In CBE when Moon's idol was shown along with real moon photo a 3 year old child related the idol with temple.

Role play – be brisk and do not be lazy [Sendurai], Do not be jealous about others [CBE]

Real object – Cucumber [S], pen stand [Cbe]

Energy transfer – seed – plant [Se], ice cubes melting back to water [Cbe]
UNI5 – Gravity of earth holds the sea water [S], earth has water inside – coconut show tell [Cbe], Cbe center also gave drawing and painting activity.

Unique observations:
New children have started comparing few colors, shapes and textures in both centers.

Cucumber – banana – cylinder

How many children wear same color dress like Mathangi’s Tuesday red saree?

Tuesday Tulsi Pooja was done.

A child was eager enough to know how we make objects out of wood, extension of energy transfer.

A 3.5 year old child was teaching names of 5 fingers with the big girl doll in center.

A 2.5 year old child in Sendurai compared the design pattern of Chinese plate with Srichakram.

Few children at very young age are able to understand the cause, reason for any action – wind disturbing the lamp etc.

Role play - do not be lazy - in both centers

Real object - Thuvar dhal [S], lamp - [C]

Energy - egg - chicken [S], Bud - flower [C]

UNI5 - metals under earth [S], various parts of earth [Physical features] - [C]

2 more admissions in Sendurai and now the strength is 32

Unique observations:
When Thuvar dhal was shown as whole grain, children felt the difference. Many explored the shape and color. Sphere and knob of the cylindrical blocks were compared.

Elder children are assisting new children in taking and handling the activity based tools.

New children are expressing their ideas about earth and water slowly.

A new child learned how to sneeze by holding the palms.

Role play -do not gossip about others [S], do not be lazy [C]

Real obejct - a medicinal plant [Thiru noortru patri] - [S], Ponaaganni keerai [C] - it is a spinach variety

Energy - kerosene - fire - S, egg - hen [c]

Thursday Ganga pooja shown in both centers based on water conservation.

Unique observations:
analogy of browning reaction with apple and brinjal has been shown this week in both centers.

Uni5 - all gases, fuel from earth - Sendurai

aquarium vedio has been shown in cbe.

Children are able to differentiate various sizes with various objects.

Elder children teach new ones how to use the toilet and convey the bathroom need to the assistant.

A child compared the color of kerosene with globe's blue color.

Children are able to comprehend yesterday's concepts with correct vocabulary.

A 2.5 year old child was able to understand and say out the clear meaning of Thirukural [2000 year old ethical poem]

After seeing sea video, a 2.5 year old child compared zebra with zebra fish by holding the models.

New children have learned to say out the concepts and messages of pictures and videos.

Elder child taught how to use water without wasting.

24.6.2016 [Only Sendurai]
Role play - do not gossip about others

Real object - lemon

Energy - flowers - garlands

Browning reaction analogy was shown with potato

Mookambika pooja followed with Sakthi peetam language, states presentaion

A 3 year old child compared the hard sea shell with the turtle's hard shell.

Shapes and color are identified correctly by many children.

Lemon's medicinal uses were listed out.

An old child taught a new child how to properly play in sand pit with various tools.

New children also use astamangalam pooja vessels.

New children are much interested in pronouncing various sounds patterns when we presented sakthi peetam.

When we used marapaci dolls for midhunam raasi, many children compared the dolls with parents.

Role play - do not find fault with others

Real object - paddy

Energy - paddy's coating [umi] becoming tooth powder

Uni5 - Metals under earth - repeated

A new 2 year old child keeps on seeing and exploring our show case and many objects and also asks several questions.

A 3 year old child after seeing moon's idol said that same moon is also in Shiva's head.

A new child is good in observing weather and reporting to us with proper gestures even though he is just evolving in spoken skills.

A child observed moon idol and asked several questions.

A 3 year old child was able to clearly comprehend about the various things which can be taken from earth. He also added that earth never leaves the water upon it to fall down.

Role play - do not find fault with others

Real object - pen stand from China

Energy - buds - flowers

Tuesday Tulsi pooja followed with begning of temple-human body concept

1. A 3 year old child said that like pen stand we also use stand for placing vessels in kitchens.

2. A 2.5 year old child said that the pend stand is made of china clay and we have to handle very carefully.

3. A 2 year old child relished by long observation of our center's wooden door with good carvings.

4. A child compared the tiny objects with large objects of same type with correct terms.

5. A 3 year old child said that smooth tablets and boards are very smooth like center's tiles floor.

6. When a child observed the flag post with Ganesha idol in temple concept she also ran out to see the flag post of our center and ganesha idol at door entrance.

Role play - do not hate others

Real object - telescope

Energy - cattarpillar - butterfly

Uni5 - fuels under the earth, video show about butterfly.

Children have started talking about the previous year UNI5 concepts.

A child said that the lava wears a shirt like us and another said that it blows a balloon which is the cocoon.

Children are aware about the use of telescope.

Children are able to identify from what raw material an object is made which the impact of energy transformation.

Role play - do not be jealous of others.

Real object - kelida scope

Energy - oil - light in lamps.

Thursday Ganga pooja was done, potato peeling, arts and crafts were given.

Kalida scope made lot of explorations within the children. Few said that they can see glass pices, few said that they can see many images, sone said that they can see many patterns of designs and few compared yesterday's telescope with this.

A child spoke about moon's presence in sky and many Hindu deities.

Sabarimala of women hood - Aattukaal Pongaala
Our first day on reopening….Coimbatore UNI5 center...

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